You are currently viewing The Exciting Journey of Creating Our Future-Ready Educator Packages for Educators in British Columbia!

The Exciting Journey of Creating Our Future-Ready Educator Packages for Educators in British Columbia!

At Build a Biz Kids, we have been busy putting together our Future-Ready Educator Packages in preparation for our first deliveries to schools, libraries, and non-profits in British Columbia! 

This was our incredible journey!

Re-Evaluating Our Programs 

Covid-19 impacted everyone around the world in significant ways and our community was no different. So, we asked ourselves:

  1. What are we good at?
  2. What activities are we more limited in with capacity and resources?

In doing so, we made every aspect of our charity “fair game” to put into question.

The results were AMAZING!

Over the past year, we have re-developed, designed, and created new digital and print resources for educational organizations in British Columbia to access our Future-Ready Programs so they can deliver critical education DIRECTLY to their communities!

That’s where things started to get really exciting! With schools, non-profits, and libraries waiting, we got to work creating our Educator Packages!

Receiving Our Materials

It was so exciting when we received all the print materials & binders for our Educator Packages!

Adopted Canadian schools, non-profits, and libraries will receive a physical Educator Package with printed tools & resources that they can use with their students!

We couldn’t wait for recipients to see the incredible courses included in their Educator Package!

Learn how you can bring it to your organization HERE

Creating Our Educator Packages

Then came the fun part: putting it all together! 

Seeing the newly printed & bound lesson plans printed out and ready to put into the hands of educators working with the youth of tomorrow was so rewarding! 

Each lesson plan comes a matching binder of printed resource plus access to BizKids HQ that includes all the digital resources needed to run a BizKids Course!

See everything included HERE!

Our FIRST Delivery!

Then after months of hard work, we made our very FIRST delivery of an Educator Package to the Coquitlam Public Library

Stay tuned and follow them on social media for announcements on when registration is open for their first Future-Ready Program.

To help reduce barriers to participating in a program, laptop rentals are available at the library for kids wanting to take the digital literacy programs. 

We’re so excited to work with schools, non-profits, libraries, and rec-centres across British Columbia.

Will you be next? 

To bring the Build a Biz Kids Future-Ready Educator Package to your community check your eligibility, learn more, and apply at

To Adopt a School or Local Organization learn more about our Adopt a School Program at