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Whether you are an Educator curious about our programs or a potential partner or donor seeking more insight about what we do and how we do it, you can find more information below in our FAQs. 
If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!

Charity & Donation Questions

Yes! Absolutely. Build a Biz Kids (AKA BizKids Practical Education ASSN) is a Registered Canadian Charity with the CRA. Every donation will receive a charity tax receipt that you can claim on your next tax return. 

Our Charity Number is 76338 0912 RR0001

When you choose to Adopt a School through Build a Biz Kids, we believe that it is your money, so you call the shots! 

You can choose to adopt:

  • A Specific School
  • A School in a City or General Area 
  • Or a Particular Vulnerable Community. 

Let us know your preference and we will work to make it happen. 

Once your donation has activated, your Personal Impact Guide Representative will provide you with your Impact Report. This will share with you how many students & Teachers were reached during your adoption year and what programs they launched. 

You may also choose to make a “General Donation”. These funds are usually directed towards the innovation of new youth programming or innovations. If you have a project in mind, or would like to fund the development of a program in it’s entirety, please contact us at info@buildabizkids.com

You can make a donation by visiting our Donor Page or by Contacting Us

That’s great! We would love to discuss the programs you are interested in supporting, or developing. 

Projects we are currently seeking additional partners/donors for are:

  • Kids Stock Market Investing Software Development
  • Kids Stock Market Investing Curriculum & Video Development
  • Social Media Safety Curriculum Development
  • Kids Digital Course Creation Camp Development (In production)
  • Financial Literacy Programs
  • And More

If you would like to help us develop any of the projects listed, or something else that’s on your mind, let us know by contacting info@buildabizkids.com

Partnering/Hiring/Volunteering Questions

We love working with passionate people who love what they do and want to contribute to our charity.

Some of the areas we are often seeking volunteers for are:

  • Marketing Materials Graphic Designers
  • WordPress Website Maintenance & Optimization
  • Blog writers (on topics relevant to BizKids)
  • Outreach Team to help bring programs to more communities

You can find all of our current available volunteer roles on our Indeed Page Here or visit our Join Us page for more information. 

We receive the Canadian Summer Student Job Grant each year and hire a number of youth under 30 to take on exciting projects in a variety of areas. 

You can find all of our current available volunteer roles on our Indeed Page Here or visit our Join Us

Bring Build a Biz Kids Programs to Your Area

That’s great! Our mission is to help as many kids as possible prepare for a fast changing world by offering experiential and progressive programming to all communities, and we can’t do it alone.

If you are a Canadian Public School, School District or Non Profit, you can find out more about our Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant Here

If you are located outside of Canada or a For-Profit organization, you can find out more on our Licensing Program Here.

Yes! Absolutely. Please find out more about how schools and organizations in the USA and internationally can bring Build a Biz Kids Programs to your community by Clicking Here.

If you have inquiries about White Labelling program for your organization, you can contact us at info@buildabizkids.com.

All Build a Biz Kids developed materials, including but not limited to, videos, lesson plans, workbooks and handouts, graphics, slideshows, and software are copyright protected and solely owned by Build a Biz Kids. 

If you would like to utilize any of our materials or curriculum, you can learn more about Licensing Our Programs Here

For additional information about our terms and conditions for using our copyright materials, including all videos on our Youtube channel, please visit our Terms and Conditions Page Here

All resources and materials found on our FREE Resources Page are owned by their original creators and Build a Biz Kids does not stake any claim or rights to these materials. Any use of these materials for commercial, or other purposes, should be discussed by the original creators.  

There are a number of ways your child can participate in our programs:

  1. Bring BizKids Programs to Your Child’s School. Contact Us for Details or learn more about our Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant Here. If your child resides in Canada, or for USA/International inquiries, you can visit our Greater Reach Program to learn more. 
  2. Sign Up For Our Newsletter to be notified when we offer programs directly to the community. This occurs a few times each year and we notify parents through our Newsletter (BC, Canada Only). You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. 
  3. Run BizKids Programs in Your Community. If you are interested in starting a part time business or just love helping kids develop their confidence, then you can license our programs and offer them to many children in your community. Learn More Here


It Got Her Really Thinking
It Got Her Really ThinkingGreta's Mom
Read More
"We highly recommend the BBK Network because it gives kids new ideas for learning. It helps them, you know, think about things and get exposed to things that are new and different. And we highly recommend that you give it a shot if you haven't already. So thanks BBK. Coding is my favourite. So then I can make my own special things. Greta's been spending all this extra time coding after each class and trying to learn herself."
My Kids Are Loving Them!
My Kids Are Loving Them!Lynn
Read More
"So kind of Build a Biz Kids to offer classes for free while our kids can't go to school. My kids are loving them! They have great material and are taught by engaging teachers who really show care with bringing out the strengths and creativity in the children. Thanks, Leah and team. Can't wait to see what other classes are coming!"
This is a Great Learning experience for kids!
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"I wanted him to gain experience in doing businesses and selling products. His excitement about creating his own product has been exciting.!"
I Have Recommended to Other Parents
I Have Recommended to Other ParentsKaren
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"My 9 year old was registered for the unlimited BBK Network membership this summer as well as the Accelerator course, How to Build an Online Business. He enrolled in many of the suite of courses available, ranging from financial literacy and entrepreneurship to writing to chess. I have recommended BBK to other parents and will be keeping an eye out on upcoming BBK programs. Thank you for the work that your team does! It is much appreciated by parents and children alike, especially during these uncertain times."
They Really Helped During COVID
They Really Helped During COVIDDaisy, Mom to Annika and Talya
Read More
"Thank you and the BBK team for generously putting on programs for kids during this unprecedented time. What you've done is remarkable and appreciated!"