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Whether you are an Educator curious about our programs or a potential partner or donor seeking more insight about what we do and how we do it, you can find more information below in our FAQs. 
If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!

Donor & General FAQs

Donor & Sponsorship Questions

Yes! Absolutely. Build a Biz Kids (AKA BizKids Practical Education ASSN) is a Registered Canadian Charity with the CRA. Every donation will receive a charity tax receipt that you can claim on your next tax return. 

Our Charity Number is 76338 0912 RR0001

When you choose to Adopt a School through Build a Biz Kids, we believe that it is your money, so you call the shots! 

You can choose to adopt:

  • A Specific School
  • A School in a City or General Area 
  • Or a Particular Vulnerable Community. 

Let us know your preference and we will work to make it happen. 

Once your donation has activated, your Personal Impact Guide Representative will provide you with your Impact Report. This will share with you how many students & Teachers were reached during your adoption year and what programs they launched. 

You may also choose to make a “General Donation”. These funds are usually directed towards the innovation of new youth programming or innovations. If you have a project in mind, or would like to fund the development of a program in it’s entirety, please contact us at [email protected]

You can make a donation by visiting our Donor Page or by Contacting Us

That’s great! We would love to discuss the programs you are interested in supporting, or developing. 

Projects we are currently seeking additional partners/donors for are:

  • Kids Stock Market Investing Software Development
  • Kids Stock Market Investing Curriculum & Video Development
  • Social Media Safety Curriculum Development
  • Kids Digital Course Creation Camp Development (In production)
  • Financial Literacy Programs
  • And More

If you would like to help us develop any of the projects listed, or something else that’s on your mind, let us know by contacting [email protected]

Donations can be made a number of ways. The easiest way is through our donation page. Donations can be made by credit card or direct deposit and no credit card or transaction fees will be taken off by using this service. 100% of what you donate will go towards helping more children gain unstoppable confidence and future-ready skills so they can THRIVE! 

Additional methods for donation are by:

  • E-transfer – please send to [email protected]
  • Cheque – please make the cheque out to BizKids Practical Education ASSN and mail to 2206-400 Capilano Rd, Port Moody, BC, V3H 0E1

We have a number of opportunities to collaborate on a sponsorship level, depending on what your budget is and geographic size of the communities you would like to impact. 

To sponsor one of our upcoming BizKids Community Events that are hosted annually on a larger scale, visit our Sponsorship Page Here and find the right sponsorship package that works for you.

If you would like additional opportunities for your brand or organization to be seen with the BizKids brand and interact with families and communities more closely, we have a number of programs we can share, such as:

  • Becoming a Title Sponsor for the Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant
  • Sponsoring a KidTalk event at local schools
  • Supporting students from across the province, or country, to participate in regional BizKids community events
  • and more

To inquire about these assorted opportunities, please email [email protected]

What Communities are BizKids In?

Below is a list of our Community Partner Network where you can find BizKids programs running. 

Please note that for schools listed, only students registered in those schools are able to participate. 

For more information on program schedules and details, please reach out to the organizations directly. 

Find a BizKids Program Near You
  • Aberdeen Elementary School
  • South Slope Elementary School 
  • Aubrey Elementary School
  • Greenwood Elementary School
  • AE Perry Elementary School
  • Pacific Way Elementary School
  • Belgo Elementary School 
  • Glenrosa Middle School 
Lake Cowichan 
  • Palsson Elementary School
  • Seaview Elementary School
Maple Ridge
  • Kanaka Creek Elementary School
  • Alouette Elementary School
  • Blue Mountain Elementary School
  • Alexander Robinson Elementary School
New Westminster 
  • Fraser River Middle School
  • Queensborough Middle School
North Vancouver 
  • Queensbury Elementary School
  • Peachland Elementary School
Port Coquitlam
  • Central Community Elementary School 
Qualicum Beach 
  • Qualicum Beach Elementary School
Roberts Creek
  • George Greenwood Elementary School
  • South Meridian Elementary School
  • Beaver Creek Elementary School
  • Adams Road Elementary School
  • Lena Shaw Elementary School
  • A.H.P Matthew Elementary School
West Vancouver 
  • Chartwell Elementary School
  • Alexis Park Elementary School
  • Spencer Middle School
100 Mile House
  • 100 Mile House Elementary School
Don’t see your city on the list? 
Share the BizKids Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant with your local public library, community centre, non-profit, or public school so they can gain access to the BizKids Program Curriculum, Tools & Resources too! 
Or contact us to let us know which city you would like to see a BizKids Program next!

BizKids Programs are starting to be available in other provinces outside of British Columbia! We are in the early stages of this expansion, so availability is limited for 2023. 

The organizations below have recently received access to the curriculum, tools & resources to deliver BizKids Programs. 

Stay tuned to their websites and social media or reach out to them directly for updates on when they will be launching a BizKids Course!

Find a BizKids Program Near You
  • Linden Meadows School, Winnipeg
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia 
  • Tantallon Sr. Elementary School, Upper Tantallon
We’d love your help!
Help us bring BizKids Programs to even more provinces, territories, and cities! 
Share the BizKids Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant with your local public library, community centre, non-profit, or public school so they can gain access to the BizKids Program Curriculum, Tools & Resources too! 
Or contact us to let us know which Canadian city you would like to see a BizKids Program next!

While we will no longer have a regular schedule of programs being offered directly by Build a Biz Kids, we will be sharing information on programs being offered by local Libraries & Community Centres that are open to the public. 

On occasion, we will also need to pilot a new program and will be reaching out to our community to register for our programs (often with FREE Registration) to join us! 

Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to be the first to know when programs are open.

You can be an advocate to help us bring Build a Biz Kids programs to your child’s elementary or middle school in 2 ways:

  • Advocate For BizKids Programs – Help us with an introduction to a teacher or principal at your child’s school and we will seek a Donor to Adopt them! Click Here for more information.
  • Adopt Your Child’s School and let’s get them an Educator’s Package right away!  Click Here to Learn About Adopting.

We offer Licensing opportunities so you can get your hands on our programs, tools, videos, resources and support to run programs successfully yourself. Click Here for more information on Licensing

Bring Build a Biz Kids Programs to Your Area

That’s great! Our mission is to help as many kids as possible prepare for a fast changing world by offering experiential and progressive programming to all communities, and we can’t do it alone.

If you are a Canadian Public School, School District or Non Profit, you can find out more about our Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant Here

If you are located outside of Canada or a For-Profit organization, you can find out more on our Licensing Program Here.

Yes! Absolutely. Please find out more about how schools and organizations in the USA and internationally can bring Build a Biz Kids Programs to your community by Clicking Here.

If you have inquiries about program collaborations, you can contact us at [email protected].

All Build a Biz Kids developed materials, including but not limited to, videos, lesson plans, workbooks and handouts, graphics, slideshows, and software are copyright protected and solely owned by Build a Biz Kids. 

If you would like to utilize any of our materials or curriculum, you can learn more about Licensing Our Programs Here

For additional information about our terms and conditions for using our copyright materials, including all videos on our Youtube channel, please visit our Terms and Conditions Page Here

All resources and materials found on our FREE Resources Page are owned by their original creators and Build a Biz Kids does not stake any claim or rights to these materials. Any use of these materials for commercial, or other purposes, should be discussed by the original creators.  

There are a number of ways your child can participate in our programs:

  1. Bring BizKids Programs to Your Child’s School. Share the Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant Here with your child’s teacher so they can apply and bring these programs to all students in your community. 
    If your child attends a private school or resides outside of Canada, you can visit our Greater Reach Program to learn more. 
  2. Sign Up For Our Newsletter to be notified when we offer programs directly to the community. This occurs a few times each year and we notify parents through our Newsletter (currently only available in BC, Canada). You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. 
  3. Run BizKids Programs in Your Community. If you are interested in starting a part or full time business that supports children, then you can license BizKids programs and offer them to your community. Learn More Here

Partnering/Hiring/Volunteering Questions

We love working with passionate people who love what they do and want to contribute to our charity.

Some of the areas we are often seeking volunteers for are:

  • Marketing Materials Graphic Designers
  • WordPress Website Maintenance & Optimization
  • Blog writers (on topics relevant to BizKids)
  • Outreach Team to help bring programs to more communities

You can find all of our current available volunteer roles on our Indeed Page Here or visit our Join Us page for more information. 

We receive the Canadian Summer Student Job Grant each year and hire a number of youth under 30 to take on exciting projects in a variety of areas. 

You can find all of our current available volunteer roles on our Indeed Page Here or visit our Join Us

Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant FAQs


Canadian Public Schools, Public Libraries, Community and Rec Centres and Registered Non Profit or Charity Organizations who support youth ages 7-13 years are all eligible to apply for the Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant.

Private Schools or Independent Schools that charge a fee to students to attend do not qualify for this grant, however, you may license any of BizKids’ programs directly which will allow you access full programs to run in your school. Learn More Here

For-Profit or non registered non profit organizations do now qualify, however you can license BizKids’ programs directly. Click Here to Learn More

All organizations located outside of Canada do not qualify for this grant but can license programs directly to use in their communities. Click Here to Learn More

If your school or organization is eligible to apply, then the minimum requirements you must meet and agree to for this grant are as follows:

  • During the specified timeframe noted on the Grant Application Page:
    • Run a minimum of 2 Future-Ready BizKids Programs during
    • Have a minimum of 50 students participate in BizKids Programs 
  • Programs must have minimal to no barriers for students to participate. A student registration fee can be charged but no profit can be earned and the fee must be accessible.
  • School/Organization cannot distribute BizKids programming to unauthorized 3rd parties outside of the school/organization without written consent from Build a Biz Kids. All program content is copyright of BizKids Practical Education ASSN.
  • Complete an annual survey on program use and reach.

Utilizing BizKids Programming

No, you may not share any of BizKids programs with any 3rd parties who are not employed by the school/organization with which the grant was provided and licenses were issued.  

Instead, we would suggest that you share the link to the grant application page and encourage them to apply for the grant on behalf of their own school. This will provide them with their own set of physical materials and up to 10 logins for all of the Teachers at their school. 

Link to Grant Application Page

Sharing materials with non licensed organizations or individuals is strictly prohibited. 

BizKids’ programs have been designed to require minimal additional materials and supplies. In order to run programs in your classroom, you will require:

  • a computer that can connect to a TV or screen that has audio to play the videos and share the visual materials
  • common classroom supplies, such as, pencils, pens, blank paper, crayons and the like, depending on the program
  • Access to a photocopier or printer.
    • All workbooks and game piece materials are able to be downloaded from BizKids HQ and printed in colour or black and white.
    • As we know that printer access can sometimes be limited, we also provide every grant recipient with a full colour, bound and protected lesson plan for each program and a binder with all materials already printed off for easy photocopying

Yes! As long as the volunteer is registered with your organization and has been vetted to safely work with children, as per your local regulations, they are able to access BizKids’ Programs while volunteering with your organization. 

Once they have completed their time volunteering as a Facilitator for the program with your organization, they will no longer be able to continue sharing or utilizing the program materials outside of your organization. 

While it may have been you who applied for the Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant, it was on behalf of your current school. 

Once you transfer schools, we encourage you to reapply on behalf of your new school, if they have not applied already. 

If you were the one who originally applied for the grant on behalf of your school and other teachers are also utilizing the programs, we will want to nominate another teacher to be the direct contact for final reporting and annual renewal of your grant. 

If you were the one who originally applies for the grant on behalf of your school and no other teachers are utilizing the programs, then you will want to share the programs with other teachers as soon as possible to see if they would like to continue utilizing the programs and be the new point of contact for the grant report and renewals. 

Each grant includes up to 10 user logins to BizKids HQ, the digital platform that hosts the program content.

These user logins should only be provided to educators who work for the organization or school that the grant was provided to.  

If you require more, than 10 user logins for your school or organization, please reach out to [email protected] to request more.

General Grant Questions

Once you have submitted your grant, you will hear back from us within 2-3 weeks with an answer. 

If we have additional questions about your application, you will usually hear from us within 1-2 weeks.

Yes, you can find a preview of the grant application on the grant information page or click here to see a preview of it. 

The average time it takes to complete the grant application is between 6-8minutes. 

The grant application is 2 pages.

The first page of questions is your general school/organization information such as contact names, mailing address and organization type. 

The second page will ask how you plan on using the programs and confirming that you agree to the minimum requirements of the grant, as written on the main grant information page. 

If the school has given you the authority to complete grant applications on their behalf, then yes, you can fill out the content of the application. 

That said, you will still require a staff member, such as a teacher or principal, to be included on the grant application, where specified, as they will be the one responsible for meeting the minimum requirements of the grant and completing the final report each year. 

This grant is being brought to you by our incredible network of donors and sponsors. Visit Our Partner Page Here

If your school or organization has been approved for this grant, there is no fee or charge of any kind for accessing these materials and resources. 

As long a you school meets the minimum requirements each year and your status as an organization or school has not changed, and you remain eligible, you will never be charged any fees of any kind. 

If your school has been approved and you are unsure of who the contact person is for the grant in your school/organization, you can reach out to [email protected] and she will be able to help get you set up with a login to BizKids HQ and any other materials you require. 

Annual Grant Renewal & Reporting

If approved for this grant, you will be required to complete a short final report. 

The final report is designed to help us gain insight into 3 key areas:

  • REACH – Understand the reach of the programs in your community, such as, how many students participated, the vulnerable communities supported, and what programs were utilized. 
  • FEEDBACK – It is important to us that the programs are easy to use, robust and inclusive. As such, you may be asked for feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the programs effectiveness and ease of use. 
  • ELIGIBILITY – In order for your school/organization to be eligible for grant renewal and continued access to the programs and resources, we will need to ensure that you have met the minimum requirements as stated and agreed to upon applying and confirming acceptance of your grant approval. 

No individual student data is collected on the final report. The only questions that will be asked are on the students as a group, such as how many participated and what vulnerable communities were included in that group.

Teacher/Facilitator name and email is used to set up and login into the digital platform (BizKids HQ). You will also be asked what grade or age you teach but no other personal information is required.

Throughout the year, we may reach out to ask if you have any incredible or inspiring student stories that you would like to share. In these scenarios, you may leave the students name as anonymous or use the supplied parent waiver to be able to share pictures, videos and other details. This is completely voluntary and these stories are used to share with a greater community to inspire the next generation of students.

Final reports are sent our between May and June each year and are due by July 31. 

Reports will be sent by email to the main contact on the grant application but the report will be gathering data based on all teachers/facilitators who utilized the programs within that schools/organization. 

In the event that the minimum requirements are not met during the timeframe that was set out in your grant application and:

  1. There is a specific reason for not reaching the minimum requirements that will not be a factor in the following grant year, and you would like continued access to the programming and materials, we will reach out to discuss these specific situations with the goal of helping you to remain eligible for the following year so you do not lose any access to BizKids HQ and all future updates to programming. 
  2. You do not foresee being able to meet the minimum requirements the following year as well, then the grant will be terminated and your licenses will expire. The physical materials will need to be returned and access to BizKids HQ will be closed.
    1. However, you can reapply again in the future once you feel you will be able to reach the minimum requirements.
    2. If there is anything we can do to help support you in reaching the minimum requirements for this grant, we will do our best to help in this way. 
  3. You do not complete the final report and we are unable to verify if you have met the minimum requirements, and attempts to communicate with the grant applicant(s) have failed, access to BizKids HQ will be lost, licenses will be terminated and a letter to destroy all physical copyright materials will be sent.
    1. Failure to destroy all program materials and the continued use of the copyright protected materials without an active license will result in a breech of license and further legal action will be taken.