Our Mission is Only Possible, With Individuals Like You

Build a Biz Kids wouldn’t be possible without the incredible team of volunteers behind it. Each individual brings their own expertise and drive to make a change in the lives of so many kids. If you have a drive for what we do and an expertise you would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you!

We are honoured to have such a large volunteer team who are all acquiring real world, hands on experience in the areas they are most passionate about. From social media, curriculum development, software & online game development, illustration & graphics design, advocacy & changing making, facilitating, video & animation, research, SEO, public relations and more! What is your passion? How can we help you get one step closer to your career goals?

*** Please note that all active roles we are seeking to fill are posted for a short time on Indeed and are often filled quickly. Set up an alert to be notified as we post new roles & positions often.

If you would like to apply for a role that is currently listed on Indeed or Job Bank, PLEASE APPLY THROUGH INDEED ONLY. We will be inviting applicants selected for interviews exclusively through that platform. 

To Volunteer With Us, Please Use The Form Below

Why Volunteer With Us

 ✓ You wish you had this program when you were a kid
 ✓ You are seeking real world experience and to build your portfolio
 ✓ You want to developer stronger leadership in your area of expertise
 You would like to take on new & fun projects in your area of expertise
 You would like to give back to your community and youth
 You would like to join a community who can help you reach your goals

What We Can Provide

 ✓ Build your resume & portfolio with ownership projects
 ✓ A strong sense of community & teamwork
 Online, public validation of your contribution to our organization
 Phone & letter references once your projects have been established
 Leadership opportunities
 ✓ Flexible schedules with accountability for outcomes and objectives
 ✓ Active support network to help you achieve your professional goals