Course Description

Turn your child into a successful entrepreneur! Watch as they learn product ideation, branding, market research, finance, sales and more! Whether they grow up to work for a company, or start one themselves, entrepreneurship flexes more essential soft skills than anything else. This hands-on experience will fuel their growth as they learn to make independent decisions, build resiliency and gain valuable self awareness.

Child's Outcome

You will get to start and launch your own business using your own ideas, designing your products and making real money selling to real customers.

Course Objectives

  • Increase Children’s Confidence & Self Leadership
  • Flex over 25+ Human Essential Soft Skills
  • Develop Business & Financial Literacy
  • Gain Hands-On, Real World Experience

At-Home Version

7 – 13yrs

13 Classes
(67 Modules)

1hr Video Content + 1.5hr Guided Lessons

Only $44/Child

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KidPreneur Program Includes:

  • Unlimited Access to BizKids HQ Platform
  • 13 Classes,  plus 1 “Just for Fun!”
  • 12 Student Worksheets
  • 17 Guided Audio Slideshows & Instructional Worksheets
  • 9 Kids Teaching Kids & Animated Videos 
  • 12 – Family & Individual Activities to Reinforce Learning In The Real World
  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Creativity
  3. Decision Making
  4. Problem Solving 
  5. Resiliency
  6. Empathy
  7. Patience
  8. Financial Literacy
  9. Self Awareness
  10. Self Leadership
  11. Listening
  12. Persuasion
  13. Adaptability
  14. Time Management
  15. Accountability
  16. Design Sense
  17. Memorization
  18. Verbal Communication
  19. Written Communication
  20. Non Verbal Communication
  • Innovation
  • Prototyping
  • Product Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Sales/Pitching
  • Market Research
  • Branding & Design
  • Business Finance Basics
  • Personal Finance Basics
  • Marketing Communications
  • Computer with access to the internet
  • Any materials to make their chosen products, packaging and table display

Recommended Ages 7-13yrs: Based on North American reading, writing and mathematics level for that age group and may vary based on students fluency in these areas where applicable.

Parent Support: Each class is guided with audio in a step by step, easy to follow curriculum, but for ages 7 – 9 yrs, additional assistance from an adult may be required with reading, writing and mathematics.
Depending on the child’s product choice for their business, support or supervision may also be required if sharp objects or heat is required to make them. 

Course Format: This On-Demand course is designed for one child to walk through on their own to learn how to start and launch their first business. It is recommended for students to complete a minimum of 1 class per week but not exceed 3 classes per week, to allow them time to ideate, get creative and complete their Business Development assignments from each class. 

Accessing Your Program: All programs worksheets, videos and other course components are available anytime on-demand through our BizKids HQ platform using your user login. 

More on the One-For-One Program: For every program purchased, you are also helping at least one other child from a vulnerable or disadvantaged community gain access to these life changing experiences and skill development. The longer you keep access to your program, the more children you are helping to support. 

Price to Access: $44 One Time Fee and $4/month for as long as you would like to access the program. Cancel anytime. 100% of earnings will go towards supporting more children to gain access to programming through Build a Biz Kids, Registered Charity. 76338 0912 RR0001

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Student Workbook

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* Use Fillable Worksheets to Complete On Computer

Kids Teaching Kids Videos

* Include Both Animated & Live Action Educational Videos.
* "BizKid Hosts" in each video are all previous BizKids Graduates.

Course Tools & Resources

* Each Slideshow Includes Teacher Guided Audio, On Each Slide, that Auto-Plays for Child
* Business Development Assignment Snapshots for Each Class
* Family Fun & Games to Engage Your Child With Included Each Class

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