Educational Resources

Practical Education Resources that will help your child or student tackle new challenges, gain inspiration, learn new content and develop their soft skills.

Parent & Educator Resources

These incredible organizations can provide you with classes, videos, and fantastic content to use in the classroom or at home with your child.

Kids Markets

Do your children or students want to continue building their business? Are you looking for new opportunities to participate in community events?

Check out some of the fun kids markets across British Columbia!

Whistler, BC
Vancouver, BC
Port Moody, BC

Software & Product Services

Introduce your child to the joys of learning a new language, designing marketing materials for their next genius business idea, or building their own website! The suggested software and product resources can help your child take on their next challenge whatever it may be. Check them out and see what your child can do today!

Video Resources

Videos are a great way to engage children in learning a new topic. Whether your child wants to be a powerful public speaker, the next great inventor, or a marketing expert there is something for everyone.

These channels are fantastic for inspiration or to learn new ideas.

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