Giving Every Child The Chance at Success


Our Mission & Vision

Build a Biz Kids (BizKids Practical Education Assn) is a registered Canadian Charity that provides youth of all backgrounds with access to practical, relevant education that prepares them for a constantly evolving world. 

The students we work with today will graduate around 2030. What major technological advancements and global events will we see in that time? With the world moving forward at an unprecedented pace, it’s more important than ever to build future-proof skills that transcend careers and present realities.  

We believe that students of all backgrounds should have the same access to practical, relevant education. Build a Biz Kids is proud to work with a host of wonderful partners and donors to help subsidize tuition for children & youth from At-Risk, Indigenous and Refugee communities, as well as donate computers and devices to keep them connected to this technology driven world. 

We also have a dedicated team, Advocates for Change – Internet Access for All, who are driving the conversation around the importance to bridge the digital divide and make high speed home internet access and right of every family and child.


Kids Taking Action

We’re committed to preparing a new generation of forward-thinking youth to tackle whatever challenges the future may hold. 

Our programs seek to supplement traditional schooling with unique, real world learning experiences that allow kids to engage directly with their education. Through a series of hands-on projects with a focus on entrepreneurship, kids develop and apply foundational skills that will last a lifetime.

The initiatives students take on in their programs are just the beginning. Build a Biz Kids graduates gain access to ongoing opportunities and are equipped with the confidence and know-how to take on new challenges, inspiring meaningful and lasting change in themselves and their communities.

Essential Skills

Essential Skills

A 2016 study showed that 97% of employers agree that ‘soft’ skills impact job performance, while just 31% of employers reported that candidates possessed these all-important skills. Build a Biz Kids aims to narrow this divide by ensuring that the graduates of tomorrow emerge with the tools they need to succeed in any career path, even ones that don’t even exist yet.

Here are just a few of the invaluable skills your child will develop & practice:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Resiliency from Failure & Hearing “No”
  • Self Awareness
  • Taking Ownership on Projects
  • Written & Verbal Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Body Language
  • Financial Literacy
  • Public Speaking
  • Mentoring
  • & So Many More!

Partner With Us

Join our mission to provide practical education to 1 000 000 youth by 2030. We are always looking for new partners on our journey.