Preparing Kids for Fast Changing Futures

About Build a Biz Kids

We Believe....

That every child deserves the chance at a successful, happy and fulfilling future. 

In a world filled with AI, Robotics and Rapidly Advancing Technology, the next generation will need higher developed human soft skills than any generation before, and that’s exactly what our programs are designed to do. 

Join Build a Biz Kids as we reach students around the world and equip them with 70+ Human Soft Skills to get them Future-Ready! 

What COVID Taught Us

COVID-19 impacted everyone around the world in significant ways, and our community was no different. 

During a program, when BizKid students encounter a situation that feels unsettling, we ask them how they could turn it around to make it something beneficial. 

We decided to take our own advice.

We did a honest audit of what we are good at, what activities we are more limited in with capacity and resources, and made every aspect of our charity “fair game” to put into question.

The results were AMAZING!

Join us as we run full speed into 2023 and beyond with a stronger community, evolved programming, and more opportunities for children from all communities across Canada to gain Future-Ready Education! 

2023 Goals - In Action!

When doing our audit, we realized that we had 3 goals that we wanted to be able to reach and execute on in 2023, and we figured out the formula!

Those goals are:

  1. Reach 30% MORE Students for 50% LESS Cost Through Partnerships & Leveraging Strengths

  2. Remove Barriers for Vulnerable Populations to Participate in Programming (ex. Free Registration to ALL Students)

  3. Create Sustainability for the Charity So Donor and Grant Funds Can Go Directly Towards the Communities We Support, and Not Administrative Costs

Our Mission

To Reach 1 Million Students With Future-Ready Educational Experiences By 2030

Our Vision

When an individual can validate their own self worth based on their own feelings and thoughts of themselves, they no longer require external validation. We believe that this is the TRUE feeling of freedom to any human. 

When we no longer require external validation from others, because we have confidence in our abilities to…

  • learn, adapt and grow
  • to communicate our needs and ideas
  • to build a life that WE want

… then we no longer need to:

  • determine our worth through likes & follows on social media
  • seek validation from negative influences like gang recruiters
  • and we have the coping mechanisms to to handle and thrive from criticism.

Build a Biz Kids sees a world where every child knows their worth, and the value of others, and takes confident action on their ideas knowing they are capable of making the world a happy, loving place. 

Meet BizKids Board of Directors

Joe is a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor who has made a name for himself in the business world by driving growth for companies

Joe Deobald
Board of Director

Over 10 years of experience in the areas of business development, strategy, operations, and business management.

Archana Samtani Singhania
Board of Director

Victor Gelano is Head of Real Estate Development for PTC Holdings Corp and Chairman and President of Constellation Travels Inc

Victor Gelano
Board of Director

Victoria Petriw is the EVP at Conversion leading all the major functions of the business in North America, ensuring seamless operations

Victoria Petriw
Board of Director

Braden Ricketts is a passion and purpose accelerator and facilitates life-changing conversations.

Braden Ricketts
Board of Director/Co-Founder

Leah Coss has owned numerous businesses in manufacturing & finance and been a Franchise Development Consultant for over 9 years.

Leah Coss
Executive Director/Co-Founder