Grow Your Business To A Larger Audience!

as a KidPreneur Vendor at our next BizKids Community Event

Do you have your own Kid Run business? Do you want to sell your products to a larger audience to earn more money and gain more hands on experience? Are you ready to take your business to a NEW level?

Then apply to be a BizKid Vendor at our next BizKids Community Showcase Event!

You + BizKids Events = Big community Impact

BizKids invites children & youth, between 7- 16 years, from all over the country to apply as a BizKids Vendor and launch their businesses at our next BizKids Community Showcase on July 20th, 2024 in Burnaby, BC at The City of Lougheed (Lougheed Mall).

As a BizKid Vendor you will get to launch your business and interact with thousands of event attendees and network with other kid vendors, as well as gain access to an uplevelling business workshop with BizKids Entrepreneurial Experts to help take your business to the next level! 

Start Your BizKids Vendor Application Today

Kid Vendor Applications Are Open For the Following Events

Apply early to ensure there are tables still available. Each application will be reviewed as they come in until all tables have been reserved.  

BizKids Community Showcase - Burnaby, BC

This is the BIGGEST BizKids event held each summer in select communities. 

DATE: July 20, 2024
VENUE: The City of Lougheed (Lougheed Mall) on the Burnaby/Coquitlam Border, BC
OPEN TO: Kid Run Business. Vendor must be between 7-16 years at time of event. No Parental or adult involvement is permitted. Only Kid Vendors may sell, interact with customers and run their businesses on the day of the event. 
COST/FEE: There is no charge to our BizKids Vendors

Each BizKids Vendor will receive:

  • A 4ft table (limited 8ft tables are available and will be offered based on application strength and the KidPreneurs Experience upon request in Vendor Application)
  • Exclusive Access to the “Uplevelling BizKids Workshop”.  
  • Pre, Post and Day Of Mentorship & Support
  • SWAG and exclusive opportunities only available to our BizKids Vendors
  • Marketing & Promotion of your kid business on BizKids digital channels

Other Ways to Get Involved

Kid Vendor FAQs

BizKids provides real-world, hands-on experiences for children so they can flex their human essential soft skills and cultivate a growth mindset. In order for this to occur, students must be left to their own devices and engage in their critical thinking when interacting with customers and answering their questions, making change on purchases, and troubleshooting their assorted business decisions on the day. 

As such, we do not permit any parents or adults to reside at our Kid Vendor Booths during the event. We encourage parents to enjoy the festivities, shop in the mall, or observe their child from afar with exception to the occasional high five, bringing them lunch, or being of support when customers are not around. 

BizKids will have a vetted team on site to ensure Kid Vendors are safe, giving them growth mindset encouragement and support, as well as mentorship to help them troubleshoot through problems or to optimize their business. 

There is no table fee or cost to be a Kid Vendor, however, all expenses for their business, such as but not limited to, products and materials, table displays, signage, etc are those of the Kid Vendor and their families. 

We encourage each vendor to make ample product to last the entire day, however, any unsold product at the end of the event is at the expense of the vendor. 

Additional Kid Vendor events by BizKids, and other supportive organizations are often hosted throughout the year that you can gain access to to sell additional products at. 

Each Kid Vendor will receive:

  • A 4ft table (half of an 8ft table) 
  • A BizKids T-Shirt to be worn during the event to help event staff identify Kid Vendors from event guests
  • Assorted SWAG
  • On site mentoring and support if needed

Unless the Kid Vendor has been running their business for many years or attended multiple (5+) successful like events in the past, we strongly recommend that they watch the uplevelling workshop to help them optimize their businesses success and prepare for the event. 

The next BizKids event will the BizKids Xmas Market held in Burnaby, BC at The Amazing Brentwood (Brentwood Mall). The date is still being confirmed but Kid Vendor applications will open towards the end of summer 2024 for the Fall/Winter 2024 event. 

There are a number of considerations that will increase the likelihood of a Kid Vendors application being approved. 

  • Product Innovation and Quality
    • There are some product categories that tend to be more popular, such as slime, soap, bath bombs, etc. It will be important to make your product stand out in quality, packaging and what makes it unique; especially if it is in a highly competitive product category.
    • While we will allow more than 1 slime business, for example, each business will need to be very unique and appeal to different kinds of customers. 
  • Table Displays or Product Packaging
    • We want to encourage Kid Vendors to increase their businesses presentation. By doing this, it will increase the price they can charge for their products which will increase their profits. 
    • For example, if you offer a product that is in a ziploc bag or paper bag, could it be made to look “higher quality” by adding nice labelling and design to it? Or perhaps a different colour bag? Or take away the bag altogether and instead add a string or ribbon with a label on it?
    • Is there a nicer way to show your product off? Can you user risers? Hang them from something? Create beautiful, clear signage?
  • First Come, First Reviewed
    • We will be reviewing applications as they come in so if you have a competitive product category, or if we fill all of our vendor spots before our application deadline, then we may be unable to approve you as a Kid Vendor.

Each Kid Vendor will be required to have a parent or guardian sign a media and liability waiver before they can participate in a Biz Kids Community Event. There will be assorted video and photography taken throughout the day by the media and BizKids Staff. A BizKids Videographer will also be interviewing every Kid Vendor on the day, and even some of the willing parents as well.

The photo and video footage will be used for assorted purposes such as on social media sharing success and inspirational stories of Kid Vendors, in promotional marketing to promote next years BizKids events, and even in articles or media about the event and highlighting some of the Kid Vendors and their stories. 

These initiatives are taken to accomplish a few things, such as:

  • Marketing of our Kid Vendor businesses and the event itself
  • Marketing future BizKids events
  • Inspiring other children, parents and educators to show them what kids are capable of
  • Public speaking experience for each Kid Vendor

No. This event is open to all KidPreneurs to help as many kids as possible continue to uplevel their skills and gain greater hands on experiences to get them future-ready. 

Each Kid Vendor will be provided with a 4ft table, half of an 8ft table. If you require more space for your products, we will have a limited number of 8ft full tables available but these will be provided on a case by case basis and assessed based on the Kid Vendors previous experience, quality of product, packaging as well as table display. 

If you select an 8ft table on your Kid Vendor Application, we will most likely follow up with you to see pictures of your previous table displays, ensure you will have enough product to fill a full table, and ask more about your previous vendor experience and products. 

A 4ft table can provide plenty of space for your products when you can use creative product display options such as:

  • hanging your products
  • using risers or tabletop shelving to hold more product
  • Placing one of each product type on your table but keeping your product inventory under your table where you can access it each time you sell something. 

If your parent or someone you know would like to volunteer for the event, they can complete our Volunteer Application Form HERE. 

Volunteers will be able to take on a number of activities, such as helping guests of the event, mentoring our Kid Vendors, and assisting with overall set up, clean up and smooth operations of the event. 

Please note that all volunteers will be required to complete, or have a current and valid, Criminal Record Check for working with Minors or Vulnerable Adults in order to participate as a Volunteer. If you do not already have one, we can assist you in obtaining one. 

The event will be open to the public from 10am – 4pm, however, we will require all Kid Vendors to arrive 1 hour early to:

  • Be given your assigned table
  • Set up your table displays and products
  • Get to know all of the Event Staff and Volunteers who will be supporting you for the day
  • Be available for the pre event talk and have a tour of the event space
  • Be ready to go in time for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony when the event opens

At the end of the event, you will need time to pack up your booth and products.

To prevent selling out too early at the event, please ensure you have enough products to last for the day. If you should sell out part way through the event and would like to leave early, you will be required to:

  • Clear off and clean your table space
  • Package up all of your table display materials, products and garbage
  • Ensure you have had your event camera interview

Yes, we do allow food vendors, however, you MUST have a sign that stats that “this food was not prepared in a commercial kitchen” and have it clearly displayed on your table for customers during the duration of the event.

If your products are commercially made with no KidPreneur changes or innovations done to them, then no, you cannot sell fully commercially made products at this event. 

All products must have been innovated by the KidPreneur in some way. While parents can assist with some of the more dangerous components of product production, when working with hot materials or sharp tools for example, products should be those made or innovated by the KidPreneur.

In the spirit of this being a KidPreneur event designed to help children and youth 16 and under gain hands-on, real-world experiences, and a platform to showcase their businesses to a larger audience, only Kid Vendors who are between 7-16 years can participate at the event. 

Preference will be given to those whose businesses are the innovation, creation and operation of KidPreneurs who are between 7-16 years. 

It is strongly recommended to have a “Cash Float” and Money Box of some kind at the event.

The money box should be easy to access but also conceal and your float should be a combination of about $20 in bills and coins to make change for your customers. 

Bank machines will be close by in the mall for customers to pull cash from but if possible, many Kid Vendors also bring an electronic methods for collecting payments using their phone, Tablet or computer, and have payment processing accounts with Stripe or Squarespace. 

The Mall will have public Wifi to access, however, there will be no power available at your booth so you will want to ensure your electronics are fully charged. 

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