How Can My Child Participate in a BizKids Program?

We would love to meet your child in one of our next programs. There are a number of ways your child can participate. 

While we will no longer have a regular schedule of programs being offered directly by Build a Biz Kids, we will be sharing information on programs being offered by local Libraries & Community Centres that are open to the public. 

On occasion, we will also need to pilot a new program and will be reaching out to our community to register for our programs (often with FREE Registration) to join us! 

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You can be an advocate to help us bring Build a Biz Kids programs to your child’s elementary or middle school in 2 ways:

  • Advocate For BizKids Programs – Help us with an introduction to a teacher or principal at your child’s school and we will seek a Donor to Adopt them! Click Here for more information.
  • Adopt Your Child’s School and let’s get them an Educator’s Package right away!  Click Here to Learn About Adopting.

We offer Licensing opportunities so you can get your hands on our programs, tools, videos, resources and support to run programs successfully yourself. Click Here for more information on Licensing

Others Exciting Opportunities & Experiences!

Perhaps your child has already taken a program and is looking for something else to dive into to take their hands-on experience to the next level. No Problem! We have a lot of great opportunities available for ongoing learning and skill development. 

Be “on the scene and live on location” as one of our BBK Ambassadors when we attend local community events and shows. Interview guests about their experiences, share what’s going on through social media live streams as our host, and so much more!

Every 1-2 years we host Auditions for BBK Ambassadors. Subscribe to our Newsletter below to be notified. (Events available in only BC, Canada)

We love Kids Teaching Kids and, as such, every BizKids program includes live action educational videos featuring a previous Build a Biz Kids student. 

Your video could be seen by kids all over the world! Cool huh!?!

Each year, we scout our local BizKids Markets and KidTalk events looking for incredible kids to be our next BBK Host. 

If your child is interested in becoming a BBK Host, let us know and we can schedule an audition. Contact Us Here.

Has your child already launched their business but wants to do it again? Or maybe they gave an INCREDIBLE KidTalk and want to share their message again on a bigger stage? 

Twice a year we host Regional Community Impact Events where kids can continue showcasing and developing their skills to a bigger audience. 

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Throughout the year, we will host free special workshops and events for BizKids to continue developing their skills. 

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