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How to Apply to Be a BizKids Vendor

So, your child already has an amazing product or business idea that they want to launch to a larger audience. Maybe they came to you for advice or even did a search online and found markets that accept applications for youth vendors. 

You might be asking yourself “now what?” or “how do I best support my child achieving their business goals?”. That’s where Build a Biz Kids comes in, we make supporting your child’s business dreams easy! 

Twice a year, Build a Biz Kids hosts a BizKids Community Showcases providing your child with opportunities to sell their products to a larger audience, earn more money, and gain more hands-on experience. 

We are currently accepting BizKids Vendor applications from youth ages 7-16 for this summer’s BizKids Community Showcase until May 24th, 2024. 

The upcoming BizKids Community Showcase will take place on July 20th, 2024 at Lougheed Mall, Burnaby.

Submitting an Application is Easy! 

  1. Learn more about the BizKids Community Showcase and check out the FAQ to prepare yourself for submitting your application. 
  2. Help your child fill out the BizKids Vendor Application online. To complete an application, all applicants will require:
    • Parent/guardian permission to submit the application and parent/guardian contact information for all event communication.
    • Information about their product or business. 
    • If available, a couple photos of their product or booth. 
  3. Click submit! The BizKids Team will get back to all applicants no later than May 24th with the status of their application. 

All applications will be assessed on a first come, first reviewed basis so be sure to submit an application early. 

Event & Vendor Resources:

BizKids Community Showcase Event Details:  

BizKids Vendor Application: 

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