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Education Grant Available for BC Non-Profits & Schools

The Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant has been designed to support educators and students (7-13 years) in developing transferrable skills relevant to today’s fast paced world. This combination of In-Kind & Funding Grant provides eligible schools & organizations with future-ready programs that include both physical and digital curriculum, tools, materials and resources designed to be used in a classroom or as an afterschool/camp program. Each Education Grant also includes up to $250 to go towards equipment and materials for the classroom. Programs cover topics, such as:

        • Entrepreneurship & Business
        • Financial Literacy
        • Digital Literacy
        • Public Speaking
        • Emotional Intelligence
        • Innovation & more

Each program focuses on flexing over 70+ soft skills and a wide variety of technical skills in students. Programs are designed to meet mandated provincial curriculum requirements and offer support within the programs for educators in delivering each programs topic, and to help with student engagement in the classroom. For additional information on what is included in each program, Click Here


Applicants must be a Canadian Public School, Public Library, Public Community Centre/Recreation Centre, Registered Non Profit Organization, or Registered Charity. 


School or Organization must meet the following requirements in order to be re-eligible each year for continued access to the programs and receive updated physical materials and up to $250 to go towards materials and equipment for the classroom. Once your School/Organization has been approved and meets the following requirements, you will be automatically approved for next years grant without requiring to reapply:

      • Run a minimum of 2 Future-Ready BizKids Programs at some point between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.
      • Reach a minimum of 50 students to participate in BizKids Programs at some point between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.
      • Programs must have minimal barriers for students to participate.
      • School/Organization cannot distribute BizKids Programming to unauthorized 3rd parties outside of the organization without written consent from Build a Biz Kids. 
      • Complete an annual survey on program use and reach. See next section on Reporting & Annual Approval.

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