We would like to thank our sponsors
for their incredible contributions


Innovators of the Future

We cannot say enough about the Canadian Red Cross and how they stepped in to support Build a Biz Kids, and so many other charities, during the COVID-19 crisis. Through the genrous support of the Canadian Red Cross, we were able to offer FREE programming to over 1000 students all across Canada, and beyond while also giving us the space and capacity to develop new, innovative curriculum that can meet the worlds new digital needs. They also offered us the opportunity to support educators across Canada to help them pivot and excel at educating students online effectively and reducig the toll that pivoting to online instructions caused.

Futurists of Learning

BMG provided supplies we didn't even know we needed, until the need became significant. Ensuring that we can deliver programs to students safely is always a high priority, but when COVID-19 jumped into play, the need for masks was one we had no planned for. Thank you so much BMG for your very generous donation of much needed supplies.



Impact Elevators

We are so excited about the support the Port Moody and District Rotary have provided to the Build a Biz Kids community. They are the reason we were able to develop our revolutionary Speaker Series Curriculum & Resources, as well as fully subsidize tuition and meals for 32 children from vulnerable communities.
Thank you so much for your support and we are excited to see how this experience will change the lives of so many children for years to come.

These organizations are all about community impact that can last a lifetime. Our Community Changemakers are supporting entire classrooms of students from vulnerable communities participate in critical Human Skill Development. Other activities these organizations provide are the development of new curriculum and tools to be used by educators across Canada, and the world, and supporting our incredible local community events. 

Whether it is helping us supply children & families with computers to reduce the Digital Divide, or helping to support more kids by subsidizing their tuition costs, these Youth Advocate Sponsors are making a real difference in the lives of families.