Help More Children Prepare For Successful Futures!
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Bring future-ready education, tools and support to more children and teachers across Canada. Donate a portion of a school’s adoption fee, or Adopt an Entire School; It’s up to you!

Collaborative Donation

By working together, we can make a BIG difference in the lives of kids for years to come!
Make a donation in an amount that works for you. For every $2k we are able to raise together, another school, library or non profit organization who supports vulnerable children will gain access to critical materials and resources, as well as hands on experiences that will positively impact their entire lives. 

To make a donation by cheque or e-transfer, please email us at [email protected] to complete your donation. 

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Choose Your Impact - Complete Adoption

Do you want to impact a specific community, school, or vulnerable sector of kids? Adopt an entire school or organization yourself for $2k a year and you can choose exactly where your contribution will make it’s impact!  We have a number of schools and non profit organizations already seeking support that you can adopt below or you can choose a specific school/organization of your choice. 
Have questions about how you can make the MOST impact with your donation? Contact Us Today

To make a donation by cheque or e-transfer, please email us at [email protected] to complete your donation. 

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Want to Bring Future-Ready Programs to Your Community?

There are many ways to bring programs and support to the children in your community. Click on the links below for more information.


Your Donation Shapes Their Futures

Do You Believe....

That every child deserves the chance at a successful, happy and fulfilling future?

We Do Too!

When you Adopt a Local School or Community Non Profit, you are not only providing vulnerable communities of children with critical skill development, real-world experiences and building their confidence, but you are also providing educators with progressive, cutting edge tools, resources and support they would otherwise not have access to.  

It’s Your Donation- You Call the Shots!

When you donate to Build a Biz Kids, you get to choose where your dollars will go.

If you have any questions, contact us today to speak with an Impact Guide Representative