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Let's Get Kids Future-Ready

Do you believe that every child should have the chance at a successful future?
We do too!

Help give schools access to future-ready programs, tools and resources. Students will get to dive into topics, such as:

        • Entrepreneurship
        • Inventing & Prototyping
        • Public Speaking
        • Digital Literacy

Adopted schools provide teachers with lesson plans, student workbooks, videos, and other critical resources to help increase students’ perspective and essential skill development.

It’s Your Donation- You Call the Shots!

When you donate to Build a Biz Kids, you get to choose where your dollars will go.

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Adopt a School for 1 year, or Annually! It’s up to you.  

1 School = $2,000 Adoption Donation/year
For every school adopted, 12+ teachers & 300+ students on average will gain access to the programs & tools!

Sponsor as many schools as you like!

Choose Your Impact

Do you want to Adopt a specific school? 

Or maybe you want to support a school in a vulnerable community. 

No problem! Let us know on your adoption form below and we will get to work making it happen!

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Learn how your donation is making a DIFFERENCE. You will receive:

  • An Impact Report provided by your  Personal Impact Guide.
  • Charitable tax receipt 
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Bring Future-Ready Programs To Your School!

Are You an Educator, School District or Principal who would like to bring Future-Ready programming to your school? We would love to help make that happen! 

For Every School Adopted....

  • 300+ students between 6-14 years gain access to:
    • Future-Ready, Practical Education Programs on topics, such as:
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Financial Literacy
      • Public Speaking
      • Social Impact
      • Innovation & Prototyping
      • Technology (Graphic Design, Website Building & More)
  • 12+ Teachers gain access to:
    • Future-Ready Practical Education Curriculum, Videos & Tools
    • Teacher Training Courses 
    • Support for Digital & Modern Student Communication
    • Tools for Mental Health & Anxiety Management

Schools Seeking Donors

Tri Cities, BC

Seeking Adoptions for 3 Schools

Maple Ridge, BC

Seeking Adoptions for 2 Schools

Mission, BC

Seeking Adoptions for 2 Schools

Burnaby, BC

Seeking Adoptions for 4 Schools

Vancouver, BC

Seeking Adoptions for 4 Schools

Sooke, BC

Seeking Adoptions for 1 School

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