Your Donation is Their Shield

when you donate to Build a Biz Kids

Today, 1 in 5 youth under 25 are facing Mental Health Challenges. Of those requesting support, they are facing a wait list of 6 months to 2.5 years before being able to receive the support they need.  Meanwhile, we are losing youth to:

  • Mental Health & Suicide
  • Drug Use & Overdose
  • Eating Disorders
  • Gang Violence & Recruitment
  • Bullying

Prevention OVER Intervention

Your donation will not only help to prevent these major mental health challenges in youth, but you will be helping them develop their Human Essential Soft Skills (HESS), cultivate a Growth Mindset, and provide them with real-world, hands-on experiences designed to help them THRIVE both short and long term.

We can no longer rely on intervention; we must focus on prevention, and your support can help us continue to do just that.  

Are You Ready to Make An Impact?

Help us support our next Community of Kids! 

For every Community that you help us support, it will:

  • Support an average of 82 or more children with:
    • Setting Them Up To THRIVE By Equipping Them with Hands-On, Future-Ready Experiences & Technical Skills
    • Prevent Future Mental Health Challenges
    • Provide Them With The Full BizKids Future-Ready Experience at No Cost
    • Accessible Venues Where They Live and Play

To Support 1 Community is $3500 a Year. That’s less than $42 per child to access 1 or more BizKids Programs and Experiences each year! 

Can You Help Us Support Our Next Community?

Children across Canada are waiting to experience the empowering feeling they can get when they participate in a BizKids program. 

Can you help us reach them?

Donate Today!

Would You or Your Organization Like To Support an Entire Community Near You?

Then you can take advantage of our Donor Partner Media Package to help us thank you on a grand scale to the community about your generous contribution, as well as provide you with greater details of your impact through your own Impact Report. 

YES! I want to help children thrive!