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7 Creative Opportunities for Youth Launching Their First Business

Do you have budding kid entrepreneurs in your classroom? Are you looking for ways to support and guide them on their entrepreneurial journey? 

Starting a business can be challenging, especially for kids. But with a little help from educators like you, there are countless ways for KidPreneurs to continue putting their unique skills and talents to good use. The key is to look past traditional ideas and practices, understand their business’ market, and focus on areas where they can best apply themselves and their abilities. 

Here are 7 creative and accessible opportunities that you can suggest to help your student continue leveling up their business.

1. Farmers’ Markets

Try having your students call local farmers’ markets and ask if they allow kids to run booths. These markets draw crowds who are interested in handmade products from local, small businesses, making them the perfect setting for your student to sell their product.

2. BizKids Community Showcase

Image shows two previous BizKids Vendors selling a variety of products including stuffed animals, soaps and more to customers.

Twice a year, BizKids accepts applications for KidPreneurs to set up a table at regional BizKids Community Showcases for their business. These events take place in large spaces, like malls, giving many KidPreneurs the chance to sell products and grow their businesses. 

Learn more about the BizKids Community Showcase Events & how your students can apply to open vendor applications at

3. Local Gift Shops

Your student can reach out to local gift shops to ask if they will help sell their product. Some gift shops will sell on consignment, where the store will take a portion of sales in exchange for selling the product. This is an easy option with low time commitment.

4. Supermarket Booths

Similar to the Girl Guide groups you’ve seen selling their cookies outside supermarkets, your student can contact their local supermarket and find out if they can set up their own booth outside the store. It’s a high traffic area with plenty of opportunities for your student to sell their products.

5. Conventions and Trade Shows

Look into what conventions and/or trade shows may be coming up in your area, and see if your student can apply to have their own table. It’s a great opportunity for your student to network with people in various industries.

6. Online Business

Your student can even open up an online store, greatly widening their reach and targeting a completely new audience. If your student wants to dive deeper into starting their online business, Biz Kids Programs also includes a course on building an online business

Learn more about how you can bring BizKids Programs to your community through the Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant.

7. Run the Program Again

Last but not least, if you’ve already run the KidPreneur Accelerator Program, you can always run the program again! BizKids Programs are designed to be able to run multiple times without the content being exhausted. Kids who have been through the program once will get to understand things from a new perspective the second time around.

Written By: Hillary Lee