Build a Biz Kids Favourites

These are some of our favourite resources, and we know you'll love them too! The videos share stories of entrepreneurs, incredible inventions, public speakers and more.

Kidpreneur Stories & Interviews

Looking for inspirational stories to share with your child about kid entrepreneurs? Look no further! These are some of our favourite stories & compilations of incredible interviews with kidpreneurs.

Public Speaking Examples

Does your child want to be a future public speaker? Find inspiration through incredible kid speakers sharing their stories, messages, and experiences at Tedx Talks, to Get Inspired Talks and even the UN Climate Summit kids.

Kid Inventions

These incredible Kid Inventors who have designed, built, and shared their unique inventions! They will amaze, inspire, and impress with their dynamic pitches and innovative products.

Social Impact

You're never too young to start making a difference. These kid and teen entrepreneurs have designed products, built apps, and raised donations for a various social causes. Their innovative spirit, big hearts, and generosity will inspire everyone!

Marketing Examples

When starting a business, marketing is key! These videos provide real world examples of commercials and marketing tactics that businesses use.

How To Videos

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