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6 Female Entrepreneurs Under 30

Female entrepreneurs have become the epitome of empowerment, fierceness, determination and confidence. They have demonstrated their various skills and proven their worth as they stride away from discrimination and double standards in the workplace and in entreprenuership. They also serve as brilliant examples for young girls, promoting equality in our society. 

All over Canada, there are a growing number of high-flying female entrepreneurs. Here in BC, female bosses are constantly making a name for themselves in various fields and industries. In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, let’s get to know a few Canadian Female Entrepreneurs Under 30 who have made their passions into thriving businesses.

These Are My Konfections

Based in Burnaby, BC, These Are My Konfections makes luscious, customized chocolate-coated strawberries in a variety of flavours and designs. Chocolate-coated strawberries are a perfect treat for any occasion; from birthdays to graduations, anniversaries to lazy Sunday mornings, and whenever else you may feel like a sweet snack.

Kemlyn Ibrado was inspired to launch her business as a result of her love for both arts and sweets. Being a makeup artist for eight years, she enjoyed creating looks and playing with styles and colors. She stated that, “During quarantine, like many other new entrepreneurs I found the love for sweets & baking so I thought, why don’t I just combine them both?” She also shared that there will be an exciting expansion coming soon for her confectionary shop!


Melissa Siy experienced many different types of food when she worked in the culinary industry. Coming home to Vancouver after the onset of Covid-19, she found herself back in the kitchen. She noticed a gap in the market for creamy and light cheesecakes, which she has a fondness for, and not long after Whisk was born. Siy tells us, “Whisk is all about what food is – making everyone’s day a little sweeter one bite at a time.”

This charming cheesecake shop offers mini and whole-sized strawberry, blueberry, and mango cheesecake, inspired by techniques from Japan and Taiwan. Whisk mini cheesecakes are the most popular and are topped with a variety of vibrant fruits. The Company only uses fresh and high-quality ingredients in their products. 

The business grew with the help of Instagram and was featured by popular accounts like Vancity Eats and Main Menus. She is currently in the midst of preparing something new and exciting for her customers this year. The sleek presentation of Whisk products is an artistic and Instagrammable feat to share with family and friends. 

Bellie Bake 

Rice cakes or bibingka are a classic Filipino sweet treat that are a well-loved breakfast delicacy perfect to pair with a hot cup of coffee, or as a light snack in the afternoon. Rice cakes are a star in Filipino households whenever guests or relatives are around or during celebrations. Because traditional festivals are so colourful, the rice cakes are made to match using various hues and flavours. Christia Espinosa was inspired to create Bellie Bake because she wanted to share her culture’s traditional treats that her family and friends love so much with everyone!

With Bellie Bake, Espinosa wanted to innovate on the traditional Filipino dessert, so she added a unique twist. She created different flavoured rice cakes using ingredients like ube macapuno, salted egg, cheese, and coco pandan. Ube and Oreo swirls, milo layer cake, ube cheesecake bars, milk tea boba cake, basque burnt cheesecake are among the many desserts that you can order from Bellie Bake.

A&D Label

If you’re interested in a hair accessory that is both stylish and good for your hair, then The A&D Label is your answer! The A&D Label’s shop, which was started last year, consists of hair accessories with an assortment of styles, prints and colors for scrunchies and headbands. Their products are all handmade by best friends, Avreen & Dilpreet. Their designs include floral, animal prints, and many more.

Silk scrunchies are a fan favorite, as they are not only fashionable, but they also are gentle on your hair. These delicate silk scrunchies slide smoothly off to help protect and reduce breakage, eliminating friction and potential pain. The A&D Label products can be great gifts for your loved ones or simply a little treat for yourself. 

Rachel Saunders Ceramics 

Rachel Saunders creates timeless, minimalist, and nature-centered decor that will upgrade your space to a cozy and pinterest-approved home. All of this talented woman’s pieces are handcrafted in her studio on Vancouver Island and her pieces are inspired by the environment. 

Her shop holds ceramic items like vases, incense holders, cups, small shelves, candlestick holders, mugs, tray, plates and candles, all in unique shapes and forms. Her vase designs celebrate and showcase diverse variations of feminine bodies. Aside from creating such magnificent art and home decorations, Saunders also finds ways of giving back to various organizations and charities that support both underprivileged communities and environmental protection.

Candles by bmo

Self-care 101: Grab a book, play some relaxing music, put on a hydrating face mask and light a few candles. Brynn Olafson, from Cloverdale, BC, started hand-pouring natural soy candles in 2020 and called her operation Candles by bmo. Her products have been featured in a local shop and local wellness box program. She began by creating candles for herself using leftover glass jars. She says, “Quarantine allowed me to dive into a business and gain a great customer following,”

Her 100% soy wax candles are eco-friendly, poured into recyclable Mason and tin jars that customers can receive a discount from when returned. Olafson’s long-burning, vegan candles are the ideal decor and ambiance-must in a study area, on a bedside table, or in any other living space you spend your time. They are also wonderful as gifts for candle-loving friends and family members. 

Another thing that sets Candles by bmo apart from other candle producers is that you are free to customize your scents. They offer 14 different scents to be exact, perfect for any season and your every mood. Customers can also opt for dried add-ins, choose between various container sizes, and select between two wick types. Olafson has gained over 1500 followers on Instagram and continues to grow her business, selling candles all over the lower mainland of BC and in Alberta.

Author: Marielle Valmores