Meet Alex – Our Crypto Specialist

This is Alex and Alex is an incredible learner. He understands complex concepts and has incredible patience with people, like his amazing younger brother, and for learning. Alex is Curious and wants to know why something works. From machines, to block chain technology to the difference between costs and margins. Alex is a Graduate of Build a Biz Kids and he continues to impress us whenever we see him.

All kids are naturally curious. We were as children, our friends were, our own kids are, but somewhere between the over/improper use of iPads and the instant gratification we receive daily in our lives, many students have had a large decrease in their patience and are unwilling to take the time to learn something that can’t be instantly acquired, even with YouTube’s help. When a child loses their patience, they are robbed of their curiosity to learn and the ability to feel that incredible sensation we all get when we understand something new; Excitement!

As many of our parents and community know, Build a Biz Kids is a tech free learning zone in all of our current programs for students ages 7-12 years of age. The idea of any education program being completely tech free can sometimes be confusing or give the impression that we are less “advanced” in the curriculum that we teach. I thought I would take this blog to explain our philosophy around technology in our program and why it is providing greater results than any computer program ever could.

Technology is, by far, the greatest advancement that human beings have created. It has advanced us in every way possible and given us the modern life we have grown accustomed to. From our health care, to communication, transportation, nutrition, farming and so much more. We love technology and all that it has to offer everyday people in their everyday lives. But what we really love is how it has given every single entrepreneur out there, the equal chance at being successful and taking on the “BIG GIANT CORPORATIONS” that have dominated industry in every decade prior to the internet.

So why is it that we do not allow technology in our Kids Entrepreneur Class?

Because technology is not the point of the class. I will explain.

Let’s take our class on branding or designing their signage. When working with 7-12 year olds (and even adults) the desire is to quickly “find” a logo and make a poster to use on their store when they launch their business. We could easily give them a laptop and a website that generates a free logo just by entering in their business name, their favourite colours and clicking on some pictures that they like. POOF! Logo done. Then they could go onto another website where they can enter their logo, tagline, colors and poof! Poster is done!

The thing is, the point of branding and having a poster, is not the having, it’s the understanding. For example, what is the difference between a red logo and a blue one? What are the implications if you have more than 1 color in your logo? Lot’s of detail? If our KidPreneurs don’t know, that could cost them money and time down the road in many, many ways.

When making a poster, What should be the biggest aspect of the poster? The logo? The price? The tagline? A description of what they are selling? Not knowing would be a Big Opportunity Cost on the day they launch their business.

The point of our Biz Kids programming is to teach them WHY they are doing what they are doing; not the how. In fact, teaching them the how would rob them of their natural creativity, out of the box thinking, and rob the world of new innovations that could revolutionize how we brand and market in the future.

This is just one example of a class in a 10 week, introductory to Kids Entrepreneurship program. Yes, technology will come into play and yes, we will get to that with them as they evolve and continue to develop their practical skills. But if we skip the why and just give them “results” then they will struggle with being a successful, contributing human, let alone a successful entrepreneur.

Cheers to developing curious minds!

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