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Equip your child with futureproof skills and the confidence they need to utilize them in an ever-changing world.


We believe in providing foundational education that doesn’t expire

To us, it’s not just about what our students do while in our programs, but what they have the confidence to take on after. The skills your child develops through this experience will be seen for years to come; in the students success, fulfillment and positive influence on their planet.

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Kid Practical Education Courses & Resources

Students are not just learning the theory of entrepreneurship, economics and the real world, but are gaining hands on experience by building & launching their own businesses, connecting with their community and developing relationship with other like-minded students. Your child can develop their essential soft skills all year around in a variety of our programs, camps and events listed below.

Live, 2 Way Interactive

Online Kids Courses

Online education like you have never seen before! Live, 2 way interactive programs designed with full, hands on activities to keep their minds, hands and creativity busy all year around! 

Keep the good times, and hands-on learning, rolling for hours!

Summer 2022 Schedule

Summer Camps

Looking to keep their minds & hands busy this summer, while also making new friends, safely, that are outside of their usual bubble?

Checkout our Summer Camp Schedule here!

Introducing the BBK Network

Innovators Academy

Give them  a 10 year head start & develop their future ready skills today! Our live, 2 way interactive Innovators Academy is where change makers learn foundational skills & tools to make an impact.

Visit our sister companies website, BBK Network, today to find out more and Pre Register for our next Cohort!

Other Programs & Experiences

In Person Programs

COVID Announcement 

In an effort to keep your children safe, we will not be running any In-Person Spring or Summer Break programs in 2021. Be sure to checkout our exciting contests, challenges, seminars and online summer camps rolling out online. Stay Safe!

Exclusive Events & Seminars

Event Calendar

Market Days, Parent Seminars, Family Friendly Community Events , Pitch Competitions, Hack-A-Thons, Parent & Community Education, Networking & More! 

At Build a Biz Kids, we always have a bunch of fun things going on. Check back to our Events Calendar & be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what’s happening.

Close the Digital Divide

Laptops for Kids

Could you imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have access to the internet or a device, like a laptop or phone? Too many kids in the world are trying to navigate their future without access to the same resources as you and me. Donate today to help us buy more laptops for kids! 


Owen is preparing for everything

"People are just going to walk by you, ignore you, say "i'll come back later" and then just run. But that 's real life."

Owen will take you through one of the most candid and REAL lessons in resiliency while in the Build a Biz Kids Program. Take a look... and take some notes! He's incredible!
Watch Owen's Masterclass


Brynne Knows It's All Worth It

Meet Brynne! She had a tough time in her Kid Entrepreneur Program and has to make some tough last minute decisions on her business. But her resiliency muscle was flexed and the payoff was HUGE for her. "My favourite part was the BEST feeling when you overcome that and a customer comes up, and all that you've been through is just for this one moment when you're selling. It's amazing!"
Watch Brynne's Highlight


Benjamin On Always Adapting

"People are just going to walk by you, ignore you, say "i'll come back later" and then just run. But that 's real life."
What if your business doesn't go as planned? What if your products keep falling a part when you try to make them and on the day of your BIG business launch, you don't' get a lot of customers.  What could you do? Checkout our BBK Ambassador & KidPreneur, Benjamin to hear about his story of tenacity, trial and error and eventual success!!  “There's a lot of things here that you don't learn at school and I had no idea they even existed.”
Watch Benjamin's Masterclass


Our Kids Market Day!

Welcome to Build a Biz Kids! Meet some of our KidPreneur graduates and hear more about what it was like launching their businesses for the first time! Hear from parents and students and watch as kids take on real world, hands-on experience in this 10 week, KidPreneur experience.
Watch the 2018 Graduates on Market Day

Prepare Them for Anything, Here

Equipping your child with future-ready skills starts by exposing them to opportunities for hands-on experience and taking on real world concepts and projects. 

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