Enduring Skills, Thriving Kids

Across Canada, Educators, Parents, Entrepreneurs and Government Agencies are discovering how Build a Biz Kids is preventing mental health challenges in youth, while also setting them up to THRIVE, long term.


Education That Doesn't Expire

Imagine a world where children woke up each day loving themselves. Where they can validate their own self worth and unique abilities.

What would they be capable of?

When a child can validate themselves from the inside, they no longer need to seek external validation from others. This true SUPERPOWER is the key to preventing mental health challenges in youth. The key is Prevention over Intervention. In order for this to be effective, we must reach children before grade 9, which has been shown to be an “indicator” year of a child’s susceptibility to these risks.

Build a Biz Kids does this by equipping children with highly developed Human Essential Soft Skills (HESS) and cultivating their Growth Mindset, while also providing them with real-world, hands on experiences designed to help them THRIVE in this fast paced world. 

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Bring BizKids Programs to your students. Apply for the Canadian Future-Ready Education Grant and get your hands on the most progressive and robust future-ready programming available, at no cost to your school or non profit organization.

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Are you a Canadian school, educator, library or non profit who support youth between 7-13 years? Check out our Educator's Package that can provide progressive, high quality tools, curriculum and resources to help support you, and your students, prepare for a fast changing world.

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Brynne Knows It's All Worth It

Meet Brynne! She had a tough time building her first business and had to make some tough last minute decisions before her BIG launch. But her resiliency muscle was flexed and the payoff was HUGE for her!
"My favourite part was the BEST feeling when you overcome that and a customer comes up, and all that you've been through is just for this one moment when you're selling. It's amazing!"

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Essential Skill Development

Welcome to Build a Biz Kids! Where your child can develop essential soft (human) skills through hands-on taking on real-world projects. Parents, check it out!

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Owen is Preparing for "Real Life"

"People are just going to walk by you, ignore you, say "I'll come back later" and then just run. But that's real life."
Owen will take you through one of the most candid and REAL lessons in resiliency he learned while building his business. Take a look... and take some notes! He's incredible!

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How to Apply to Be a BizKids Vendor

Twice a year, Build a Biz Kids hosts a BizKids Community Showcases providing your child with opportunities to sell their products to a larger audience, earn more money, and gain more hands-on experience. Apply to be a BizKids Vendor!

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Call for Youth Vendor Applications

Does your child or student have their own business or product idea that they want to bring to life? The BIzKids Community Showcase is the perfect place! Youth Vendor Applications now open.

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