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Kids Inspiring Kids Through Taking Action On Their Ideas

Can Kids Change the World? We think they all will someday! 

This program has been designed to teach them tangible skills and develop their mindset to allow them to see opportunities, take positive action, and realize their goals.  

Step by Step, each student will learn what it is to be an entrepreneur and build their own business plan. Problem solving, product development, marketing, budgeting, customer service and so much more will be taught throughout their 10 week course. All of their hard work leads up to their official business launch! Market Day! Where the will experience interacting with customers, promoting their business and product, and gaining experience to last a lifetime. 

Our KidPreneur January After School Programs are registering now! 10 weeks of step by step coaching to help your child start their own business and learn valuable lessons & practical skills along the way. 

Build confidence, develop their critical thinking, expose them to financial literacy, improve their communication skills and watch them take ownership of their business ideas. 

Register online today as space is limited at each location. 

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Announcing Spring Market Day!


KidPreneur Market Day Expo!

Don't miss out on some tasty treats, great gift ideas and crazy inventions! These KidPreneurs have been working hard all semester to learn how to start their own businesses. Come out and see how they do!

Event Details

Location: City of Lougheed, Lougheed Town Centre

9855 Austin Ave, Burnaby 

Date: Saturday April 6th, 2019

Time: Noon until 4pm

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Check out our graduates from our Fall 2018 Semester! 

Seeing your child work through new concepts and challenge themselves to make decisions can be tough to stand back and just watch, but as the weeks go by and it all works up to Market Day, what a transformation you will get to see!


Kids Can Change The World With Their Ideas

The entrepreneurial mindset teaches kids to take initiative, solve problems, think critically, make decisions, interact with people confidently and look for opportunities all around them. These skills help to increase their self-confidence and can provide more opportunities for them throughout their lives. 

Our Kid Entrepreneur Programs give them the space to experiment and the support & tools to help their ideas take form. Currently offering programs in Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam & Burnaby


Our KidPreneur Programs Help To

  • Connect in-class concepts with real world applications
  • Learn how to solve problems and spot opportunities
  • Understand that making mistakes is an important part of learning
  • Become responsible with money as they learn the value of it
  • Develop confidence, leadership, teamwork and communication skills through utilizing their creativity & enjoying fun activities


About Build a Biz Kids

We are a non profit society & licensed provider of the Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs curriculum; an after school and summer/spring break enrichment program that teaches kids ages 7-15 about entrepreneurship. Our programs allow kids to explore business concepts and ideas and learn the value of money through a collection of fun, interactive activities.  

We believe children learn best when a hands-on approach is utilized in the learning process. Kids work in small groups and actively participate in each class, while learning life and workplace readiness skills in a fun environment.

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