Are You A Problem Solver?

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers and some of the best problem solvers I have met are kids.

One of the fun games we like to introduce to students in our programs or visitors to our assorted booths we set up around the city, is a Problem Solving Challenge.  Since the basic concept of entrepreneurship is problem solving, it seemed like a good way to introduce the concept to children. In this challenge we begin with asking for creative solutions to everyday problems.

At our latest event, we choose problems that kids encounter in their everyday lives and asked for innovative ways to solve the following: How to pour milk from large jugs without spilling, ways to keep our shoelaces from coming undone and a new way to clean our teeth (for the kids who think brushing is no fun.)

Some examples of solutions from visitors to our booth include:

· Chewing gum or candy that cleans your teeth

· Mouth guards with tooth paste in them

· Invent a robot that holds a tv screen to watch while his other arm brushes your teeth for you

· A slide made of toothbrushes that you slide down with your mouth open

· Smaller kid sized milk jugs

· Adding a pour spout to the jug

· Adding a clip onto your shoelaces so they wont untie

· Elastic laces that don’t need to be tied

. Glue you put on your laces

Sometimes there is a moment or two of hesitation in self confidence that is presented as either “I don’t know” or “I’ll just ask my mom to do it.” These are answers that feel safe because if we are not sharing an idea, we cannot be judged. The magic happens when we share some of the craziest ideas that other children have presented such as a “lollipop made of toothpaste” and how amazing that is. Once a child hears that another child is celebrated for their creativity, it gives them permission to have crazy ideas as well. It’s fascinating to hear from a child who does not accept the limitations of imagination. They are not confined by the “that’s not possible” internal dialogue.

At the end of the day, our board will filled with crazy, practical, outrageous and thought provoking ideas to solve these simple problems kids run into every day.

But what else can be done to help these kids feel energized and accelerated by their ideas?

Coaching them to evolve those ideas, work with them through the stages of development, and of course, taking action to see them through and take a look at what happens.

Did it solve that problem? Do people like it and want it? Is there something that can be done to make it even better?

This is entrepreneurship. This is building on ideas and trying them out and then learning from those results. That is success! That is exciting!

At Build a Biz Kids, we want kids to challenge the ordinary. Instead of accepting the way things are or how they’ve always been done, we want to inspire kids to innovate a new way to complete a chore, solve a problem or turn a daily routine into a fun activity. Then we want them to do it! follow through is key.

Our aim is to empower solution oriented action takers and create a community of kids that see the problems around them as opportunities to be creative.

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