Sherilyn Sia

Sherilyn has proposed and led numerous innovation projects during her teaching stint in South East Asia. She developed innovative curricula, which include the integration of open source applications and Sustainable…

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Mel Fresnel

Mel is an aspiring video editor who is always willing to take on a new challenge and expand his experiences. He enjoys making videos for BBK Network.

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Rome Yansen

Rome is a Graphic/Digital Designer from Queens, NY. He specializes in brand development, graphic illustrations, and apparel design. Preferably he enjoys creating new designs and conceptual vector art with Adobe…

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PoWei Lu

PoWei believes a good design is not only about the result. The process, references, and researches are all crucial to achieving the goals of great work. For him, exploring new…

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Sahib Deep Singh

Sahib is a recent graduate from the University of Fraser Valley with a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree and a concentration in Software Development. He specializes in web and…

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Esther Lee

Esther is a creative designer with skills in multimedia and UI/UX. She is passionate about delivering innovative design solutions and learning new skills. She enjoys creating a variety of designs…

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Asli Sozen

Asli currently attends university, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Psychology. She enjoys writing and giving life to stories and she's excited to use her creative writing skills in…

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Steve Gagnon

Steve likes to write about the arts, technology, and a variety of other non-fiction topics. He admires counter-culture, is fond of discussing politics, loves music, and is energized by sunshine!…

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Ivy Wang

Ivy is a recent graduate who is ready to design! She feels proud being able to spread meaningful information through designs. When she is not designing, she enjoys hiking and…

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Vika Zheng

Vika is a graphic designer, a problem solver, and a lifelong learner. She loves designing illustration, 3D rendering, animation, and UX/UI designs and she's excited to apply her skills in…

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