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Tina Balachandran

Tina is a storyteller, facilitator, social worker, and an immigrant from India. Compassion, integrity, and service are her core values.

Tina has a master’s degree in Political-Social Science and International Relations. She has over two decades of experience in content & creative multimedia production in television broadcasting. Her passion for social innovation and community development is inspired from her to work with children, youth, and women in the not-for-profit sector. She has spearheaded award-winning projects and campaigns and was instrumental in creating pathbreaking television programming content for both sectors she associated with; media and not-for-profits.

Tina has actively and intentionally engaged in various services and programs for immigrant women, refugees, and newcomers to Canada in the capacity of facilitation, volunteering, and mentoring with organizations like the Local immigrant partnerships, Burnaby Intercultural Planning Table, PIRS, MINERVA & Women Economic Council. Tina constantly explores innovative and sustainable ways to collaborate within the community to make meaningful connections supporting newcomers’ settlement journeys. Tina is a strong ally of anti-oppression, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Tina is currently working as a manager for the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership. She is cofounder of an IWI- An Immigrant Women Initiative. She hosts a podcast series titled Voices of Immigrant Women, centering stories and resilience of immigrant women.