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Robbin McManne

Robbin is a Certified Parent Coach, author, podcaster and speaker. She works with parents from all over the world to help them build more connection and find more joy and cooperation in their parenting.

Robbin is a parenting expert and consultant for the international, personal development app, LiveMORE and sits on the Expert Panel for Newsweek Magazine where she contributes to and writes articles related to parenting for the publication. Robbin also has a background in marketing and public relations, training, and event planning.

Robbin’s work focuses on building and strengthening the parent child relationship so that children grow up with resilience, confidence and strong emotional intelligence. She works with parents to help them understand their own emotions and frustrations in parenting, so they can help build their children’s sense of self without losing themselves in the process!

Robbin’s book, “The Yelling Cure – How to stress less and get your kids to cooperate without threats & punishments” has been read by parents all over the world with 300,000 copies sold to date. She also runs an award winning podcast, Parenting our Future, and is ranked in the top one percent of all podcasts globally.

Robbin divides her time working with her clients, speaking at events and spending time with her two teen boys and husband.