Advice from “TinyPreneurs”

What is entrepreneurship? – “problem solving” says one young entrepreneur at this weekends tinypreneur event. The event was an inspiring market day for kidpreneurs to sell their wares and for most – raise funds for a good cause.

“Do it for a good cause and you’ll stay motivated” said Kim – an 11yr old entrepreneur.

Raising money for a good cause was a theme at this years Tinypreneurs event. Children were selling products they created and designed with portions of proceeds going to various charities. When asked for more information on the charities the children lit up. Often, the response was about a family member who had an illness. Some were survivors but others were not. The kids spoke proudly about the reasons for donating the funds:

“In honour of my cousin…”

“So we can end the problem with….”

“So that less people have to suffer from…”

“Because this hospital helped my sister and I want to help them in return”.

These social entrepreneurs are an inspiration. When asked what advice they would give other kids who are thinking about being an entrepreneur – the girls at Wubble Slimes (Instagram: @wubbleslimes) said “find something you love and sell it because someone else probably will love it too.” They also advised using social media such as Youtube for “how to make your product” and Instagram “as a starting place for advertising” and Etsy as a great online storefront.

Belle’s Beads said the key to being an entrepreneur is to “Have no fear – be brave.” Amazing and simple advice we should all follow.

Alexa, from Alexa’s Bracelets, had this gem of wisdom to share with future kidpreneurs. “Even if you don’t sell anything, be proud of yourself for showing up and trying.”

It’s remarkable to hear the wisdom of these kids and highlights the benefits of the entrepreneurial mindset in youth. It begs the question, as adults, how much of this advice do we adhere to ourselves? Many “grown ups” can sometimes forget their “Why” for starting and growing their business and passion can quickly fade away. Once the passion is gone, pushing through hard times can be agony and often what stops our progress.

These kids, while incredibly special as individuals, the skills they demonstrated are able to be taught and given support in. If you have a child who is passionate about a cause and wants to contribute, how can you help and guide them through? Using the key advice of our TinyPreneurs from this weekend, Youtube, Google and so much more can be used as a resource for parents.

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