Hiring Part Time Spring Facilitators

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Seeking Part Time Facilitators For
Kid Entrepreneur Programming


Summary of Role

What if you could teach students, as young as 7, everything you wish you learned as a kid like financial literacy, communication, resiliency, critical thinking and more! Would it be exciting to see the students you teach grow in confidence right before your eyes as they start and launch their first business, earn real money and interact with the public?

Build a Biz Kids is a registered non profit society who teach kids, ages 7-12 yrs, entrepreneurship. We aim to develop and practice essential soft skills that are so critical to the world we live in today. This role will give you the opportunity to be their mentor and guide them through the world of KidPreneurship!


Your Role

As a Build a Biz Kids Facilitator, you are an incredible mentor in the Learning Lab and you ask more questions than you give answers. You thrive off watching the minds of kids turn as they develop their own opinions and ideas. You help to guide their learning and are able to follow a set lesson plan, while savvy enough to know when to pivot the “script” to reach the objectives in a way that will better connect with assorted learning styles.

Students have a fixed deadline to get ready for their Business Launch and you are excited to help get them there. You understand that perfection in business doesn’t exist and that there is no “right” answer. Watching kids “fail” are seen as new opportunities to ask different questions and drive their growth to new heights.

You desire to help kids feel empowered and develop their own independence rather than curate a dependency on requiring the “right” answer from authority figures.


We Have

  • A detailed, easy to follow 10 week program to walk you through each foundational process & objective to ensure students are ready to launch their businesses by Market Day
  • Tools and equipment required to run a successful program that fits into one accordion carrying case, provided.
  • Initial training program covering the curriculum, Growth Mindset communication with students and managing unique learning styles in the classroom
  • A Volunteer is available for larger classes

You Have

  • A coachable approach ready to implement critical components of the curriculum, while able to understand the objectives of each lesson and pivot as needed in your delivery to enhance the experience for individual learning styles in the Learning Lab.
  • Reliable transportation to get to each class up 15-30min prior to each class starting to set up and receive students
  • A laptop to connect to the TV’s in each Learning Lab to show short video content during class
  • A love of inspiring the next generation to take action on their ideas and giving them the space to be creative and make “mistakes”. You display patience, curiosity and flexibility
  • Willing to, or already have, a valid Criminal Record Check for Working with Vulnerable Adults & Children
  • Are able to commit to an entire 10 week program (1.5-3hours/week) with the option to continue Facilitating for multiple semesters. Participation on Market Day where students launch their businesses is also requested (5 hours on one Saturday)


Position Details

Locations – Seeking Facilitators in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Tri Cities and Maple Ridge

Time Commitments – Programs start in April 2020 and are 10 consecutive weeks long.
Depending on the location and registration, 1.5 – 2.75 hours once a week between 3:30pm – 6:30pm.
If desired, we would love for you to teach 2-3x a week, 2-3 programs for 10 weeks.
A prescheduled Market Day on a Saturday is also requested by Facilitators so you can support your students in their businesses launch.

For more information on the exact venues and programs we seek facilitators for, please view our Spring Program Schedule online here



As our Facilitators work committing semester to semester, we hire Facilitators as Independent Contractors.

For Single Classes (1.5hours) once a week for 10 weeks (total of 15 hours), plus Market Day = $500
$45 a class plus $100 for Market Day

For Back to Back Classes (location dependent, 2.75 hours) once a week for 10 weeks (total of 27.5hours), plus Market Day = $850
$75 a class day plus $100 for Market Day


Optional Volunteer Participation

We are also seeking Assistant Volunteer Facilitators to help Lead Facilitators run the programs in a supportive role. This includes keeps students on task, providing extra support to those requiring it, and taking pictures and video of the students as they work, learn and succeed.

Visit https://buildabizkids.com for more information on our programs and non profit society

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