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10 Educational TikTok Accounts for your Kids to Follow

It’s back to school season, which means kids are getting ready to head back to the classroom. As many parents know, it can be tough to get kids back into learning mode after a long summer. 

With a fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and physical distancing restrictions limiting outdoor activities, many kids are spending even more time than usual in front of screens. And apps like TikTok, where users can scroll through an endless stream of content, are taking up more of their time.

With so much content out there, how can you find educational TikTok accounts for your kids to follow?  As students gear up for school, here are some of our top choices for educational TikTok accounts for your kids to follow: 

Michael McBride (@idea.soup)

What is a leap second? Are dandelions waterproof? And how much is an Olympic gold medal worth? TikToker Michael McBride produces engaging – and energetic – content on a host of subjects like history and science.

Deidre Kelly (@the_mrskelly)

Math class is not the most fun place in the world for many students. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Deidre Kelly, a sixth-grade math teacher is making math class more accessible for her 1.3 million followers. If your kid has trouble getting their head around the multiplication-tables or subtracting fractions, @the_mrskelly has you covered. 


Many Indigenous Peoples and First Nations are taking to social media to educate the public on their history and culture. TikTok is becoming a popular place to share stories, teach languages and customs, and have meaningful conversations about the past. Indigenous TikToker Michelle Chubb is from the Bunibonibee Cree Nation in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her content features traditional dresses and dances, tutorials on beading and discussions on Indigenous rights. 

Hashem Al-Ghaili (@hashem.alghaili)

Hashem is a science influencer who has already gained a huge following on YouTube and Instagram, and now, TikTok. His content features slick explainers on a range of topics. If you’ve ever wondered why ballerinas don’t get dizzy, what goes on inside a black hole or just how smart octopuses are, this is the content for you.

Art Tutorials (@drawing.tutorials)

If your kids have a knack for art, take a peak at these cool drawing tutorials that provide simple tips to create awesome drawings.

Darrion Nguyen (@lab_shenanigans)

It’s not every day that we meet teachers that make science class both informative and fun. Darrion Nguyen makes funny and informative science content that’s easy to understand for kids of any age. 

Isabelle Chapadeau (@isapadeau)

Isabelle Chapadeau lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and creates videos all about Inuk culture and life in Canada’s north. She produces videos on a range of different topics from the different regions, the languages, the culture and the food.

Astro Alexandra @astro_alexandra

If your kid’s a space-buff then this TikToker has you covered. From our planetary neighbours, to comets, galaxies and nebulas, this channel is full of easy to understand videos and plenty of beautiful pictures of space. No word yet on the Aliens!

The Reptile Zoo (@thereptilezoo)

Spend a little time scrolling through your ‘for you page’ and you’ll come across more than your fair share of funny and strange pets. If you’re looking for content about animals that’s a bit more engaging then head over to The Reptile Zoo. This father-daughter duo bring us fascinating content and facts about reptiles, as well as this pretty awesome Python. A warning though, avoid this page if snakes aren’t your thing! 

History with Ms Verdi (@ms.verdi)

This social studies teacher uses her background in history to create bitesize lessons on world history. From ancient Mesopotamia to the Caribbean, this account is a great introduction for your kids to start learning about important periods of world history.