"Hey! Want Some Lemonade?"

There’s something invigorating when you get kids to work on a project. Today we set up a Build a Biz Kids lemonade stand for an interview with Tri-Cities News. We invited my son and his step-brother to help us out and we just love watching the ideas fly around the room.

“… what about this…”

“…Oh, we could do this…”

“… How about we try….”

Having these two support our non-profit start-up has reinforced exactly why we are so excited for this program. They are passionate and have unlimited ideas. With tools and encouragement there is a world of possibility ahead of them. These 8 and 9 year olds are asking questions about our business strategies and offer intelligent suggestions.

“… what about contacting the local schools to see if they would like to offer your programs to their students?”

"...have you thought about putting up posters at car dealerships and coffee shops? Moms and dads go there..."

As the table was set up, and potential customers began appearing we saw the transition from lemonade stand concept and design turn into a real micro-business that they could control & be proud of. Pretty soon we had set up an enticing display of lemonade… although our customer service skills were a little rusty to begin with.

“Hey, want some lemonade?”

eventually became

“Hi there, would you like to support a local charity with your purchase of a lemonade? We have regular lemon or raspberry flavours.”

As the day progressed and donations began to grow so did their confidence. There was a sense of pride in their efforts and the fact their efforts were supporting a cause. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to watch a child’s ambitions become actions.

I’m exhilarated by the day of watching these two boys take leadership and cannot wait to see this multiply by up to 15 kids per camp this summer.

Our schedule for July and August 2018 is open for registration in the Tricities & Burnaby here

Local Non-Profit Partners with Vancity to Teach Kids Fundraising

Build a Biz Kids – Lemonade Stand Challenge summer camp raises funds for Tri-Cities charities

A local partnership has begun building our future community leaders right here in the Tri-Cities. Build a Biz Kids is a not for profit summer camp and after-school program provider focusing on entrepreneurship and community engagement. In a partnership with four local Vancity branch locations, Build a Biz Kids will be hosting the Lemonade Stand Challenge, a Young Entrepreneur Learning Lab licensed program.

Throughout the Tri-Cities communities this summer, youth aged 7-12 will participate in identifying local charities that are supporting their community and have fun while raising funds for those charities. Through the concept of entrepreneurship, this program teaches kids how a collaborative and creative team can build a lemonade stand that makes a difference in their community by donating proceeds to local charity and learning about social entrepreneurship.

Of this partnership between Build a Biz Kids and Vancity, Leah Coss, President of Build a Biz Kids says – “We are very excited and honored to have found a partner who believes, as we do, in equipping children with practical skills which will better their futures and the communities they reside in. Every interaction with Vancity & their incredible employees has been so supportive but also action oriented which are the same values we strive to teach our students.”

Vancity has a vision to redefine wealth in a way that furthers the financial, social and environmental well-being of their members and their communities. Build a Biz Kids is on a mission to empower youth of the Tri-Cities to becoming engaged community participants. This partnership aligns these visions and missions through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial skills challenge children to think outside the box, create unique solutions, and become leaders at an early age. The entrepreneurial mindset teaches kids to take initiative, solve problems, think critically, make decisions, interact with people confidently and look for opportunities around them. These skills help to increase self-confidence and provide more opportunities for bright financial futures for themselves and their communities.