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Leah Coss

Leah Coss is on a mission to change the way we value and educate humans in society. With the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Technology and Robotics, Leah believes that our roles as humans, and the skills we require to feel successful and fulfilled, have radically changed, but our outdated biases and judgements of one another have not. This contradiction is having a detrimental impact on our own feelings of self worth and limiting our true potential to be happy.

For businesses and organizations, it is creating higher employee turnover, a loss in client loyalty, and ultimately, a loss in momentum, money and growth.

Leah is the Founder and Co-Founder of growing organizations such as Build a Biz Kids, BBK Network, The Fuel Academy and Your Current Future. Utilizing her extensive background in franchise systems and her ongoing research in essential soft skill development & mindset, her organizations are actively developing advanced learning methodologies and resources for individuals and organizations.

“Once we shift our mindset to see our own true value as an individual, we will be able to see that in others as well and flourish together as a harmonious society.”