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Become a BizKids Partner Donor

Choosing Your Charity of Choice for Your Annual Contribution is an Important Decision.

Donors contributing over $3500 a year to BizKids can make an incredible impact within our charity, so we feel like you should always know exactly:

  • Where your contribution is going; to what communities, and for what initiatives.
  • The impact it is having on local communities, and the broader mission.
  • What is next? Where are we going and what do we need to get there. 

What Impact Can You Have as a BizKids Donor

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Let's Meet & Talk About Your Goals

You have goals for your annual contribution and we would like to learn more. It is important to us that all of our BizKids Donors and Partners align in our mission, goals and values to ensure a synergistic and IMPACTFUL relationship.

A Triple Win! 

  • A Win for You
  • A Win for Us
  • And a Win For the Communities We are Supporting

Reach out to our CEO, Leah Coss, at [email protected] or use the form on this page to set up a time to meet for coffee or a Zoom call. 

We look forward to meeting you and thank you for considering Build a Biz Kids as your Charity of Choice.

Lessons From Our BizKids

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