Become a BizKids Voting Member

As a BizKids Voting member, you will get to be a part of the inner work that guides BizKids as a charitable organization. As a community serving organization, we want a voting committee that reflects the communities we are trying to impact. Find out if you could be a great fit.

Benefits of Being a Voting Member

  • Attend Our Annual AGM – Be a part of the inside scoop and learn what is happening in the background at Build a Biz Kids. 
  • Vote in Our Board of Directors – Our Board of Directors are critical to the long term growth, sustainability and impact for the Charity.
  • Represent Your Community – We all have unique perspectives based on our background, cultures, and influences. Help represent your communities by sharing your voice. 
  • Access Our Exclusive Monthly Insider Newsletter – Only our voting members and select community partners are able to gain ongoing insight into what is happening at Build a Biz Kids to get the first look at what is happening, where we need support, and how you can get involved. 
  • Volunteer or Contribute to Community Impact Initiatives – As a vetted Voting Member, we already know your heart and passion is in the right place and we would love to share in the warmth of what it feels like to see the impact we are having directly in children’s and communities lives. Volunteer at our BizKids events and other opportunities that pop up throughout the year. 

Responsibilities of Being a Voting Member

  • Attend our Annual AGM – In order for your voice to be heard, we will require you to attend our once a year, Annual AGM. 
  • $10 Lifetime Voting Member Fee – This is a one time fee and allows you the right to have a vote and participate 
  • Be An Advocate and Ambassador for BizKids – Don’t keep us a secret. Share our mission with your community and help us grow awareness into more communities, attract more donors, and make a bigger impact each year. 
  • Participate In The Way You Feel Most Called To – Volunteer, Donate, or Create Impactful Introductions. However you feel you can have the most inspired impact, we invite you to share your passion with us in any way you can. 

Apply To Be a Voting Member