Marielle Valmores

Marielle is a Creative Writing graduate from Langara College who also holds a Bachelor's in Communication Arts in UST-Philippines. It has always been a passion of hers to create compelling…

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Fiona Dunnett

Fiona believes that looking at things from a different point of view is key to successful illustration and design. Her fresh perspective has been coloured by living and teaching in…

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Ray Jiao

Ray is an experienced digital solution expert with over 5 years of experience leading digital product projects, from their strategic conception to development and implementation. In addition to product management,…

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Hillary Lee

After facing the common student's struggle of figuring out what to do post-graduation, Hillary found her fondness for helping others while still having fun. She did marketing in a non-profit…

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Addy Lee

A creative cat with a focus on event marketing and design, Addy's passions also include arts & education, fundraising, and social impact.

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Victor Vargas

Victor manages investment portfolios and loves his community. Everything he does is for something greater than himself, or at least he tries! If he doesn't see the greater good in…

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Deniz Firat

Deniz moved to Canada five years ago for UBC and fell in love with Marketing soon after that. She loved the idea of wearing different hats every day with a…

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