Sinan Uluc

Sinan has an MFA in Creative Writing at UBC with a focus on film, TV, and video games. He creates content and writes scripts for educational and entertainment purposes. He…

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Raphael Cardenas

Raphael is a recent Arts graduate from the University of British Columbia, majoring in International Relations—with a concentration in history and political science—and minoring in Creative Writing. He shares the…

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Ashima Gurung

Ashima is a creative artist, who enjoys anything related to animation. Her creative range is very wide, however; she spends more time in storyboarding, animation, and creating illustrations.

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Ed Walwail

Ed Walwail is a passionate media creator, from the Middle East, who immigrated to Canada in recent years. He has two bachelor's degrees, one from the Middle East and a…

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Tassia Konrat

Tassia is from Vancouver, British Columbia. For as long as she can remember, she's had a passion for everything art and photography. She loves being in the outdoors and nature.…

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Ana Tiruta

Ana is passionate about empowering today's youth to become tomorrow's leaders! She has a background in International Law, as well as Psychology. Her favourite activities include cooking and uploading recipes…

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Bam Yingchoncharoen

Bam is a graphic designer who is also passionate about advertising and UX/UI design. She is excited to apply her skills in BBK Network and Build a Biz Kids.

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Nicole Dela Merced

Nicole is a recent graduate of the Graphic Communications Program at NAIT in Edmonton, Alberta. She is currently working as a freelance artist and graphic designer, creating various illustrations and…

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Caroline Laycock

Caroline lives in Langley, B.C. Her passion is coaching, development, and providing opportunities for growth. In her spare time, she trains two dogs in dog agility. In addition, she teaches…

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Braedon Lowey

Braedon is studying English literature and creative writing in Vancouver, BC, and lives for anything and everything to do with storytelling. He is planning to complete his bachelor's degree and…

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