Ghazaleh Nekui

A current Digital Marketing student in BCIT, Ghazaleh comes with 14 years of international experience in a wide variety of fields. She is thrilled to apply her knowledge and experience in an organization that provides foundational education and real-life experience to children.

Jaquelin Najera Granados

Jaquelin is an immigrant from Mexico and moved to Vancouver, Canada six years ago. At the moment, she is a student interested in Digital Marketing, who's aspiring to become a UI-UX designer. She enjoys developing new skills and going out for hikes every time there is an opportunity.

Michelle Mao

Michelle is a passionate graphic designer with a focus on branding, business to business design, and social media design. She's excited to be a part of the BABK Network.

Olumide King

Olumide is a self-taught animator (2D & 3D) and digital illustrator with years of experience. He's a fan of new technology, loves nature in all its forms, and appreciates the limitless realm of art! With a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he wishes to further his studies as an automobile designer sometime in the future. Youth empowerment, however, is the bigger dream!

Emy Dennis

Emy is a BA student in British Columbia, with a passion for content creation and digital marketing. She's excited to be a part of the community.

Sovereign Norris

Sovereign is an experienced content creator and social media specialist and is eager to apply her skills to the BABK Network's projects.

Jamie Cumming

Jamie is an author and freelance writer with a focus on characters. He is also highly knowledgeable about historical topics. The core of his professional work is with marketing and sales, however, Jamie has a passion for creating compelling stories that explore ideas and concepts in new and interesting ways, while also being fun to read

Sophia Pinto

Sophia has 4+ years of experience in digital marketing with an understanding of social media, creating content, and customer engagement. She is a team player, quick learner, result-oriented with outstanding communication and relationship building.

Sky He

Sky He graduated from George Brown College in 2019. He specialized in Advertising Design and is passionate about creating solutions for various business challenges. He has extensive experience in web design, social media marketing, package design, and branding.

Sky worked with several non-profit organizations and major companies as an in-house graphic designer. Among his major projects, Sky guided the rebranding of a major seafood company. He also designed marketing materials for an NGO which empowers women to take on business leadership roles.

Sky’s design philosophy reflects his name – light, clear, refreshing, and timeless. He works closely with his clients to understand their needs and develops modern graphic design concepts that engage the target audience. Sky is passionate about helping his clients to stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive marketplace by developing creative and long-lasting products.

Outside of his graphic design work, Sky loves sketching and researching new design software tools. He is also an avid hiker. Finally, he loves road trips and home-cooked meals.

Shadi Amighpey

Shadi is a web developer based in Vancouver, she is a bachelor in computer software engineering and a certified web developer from BCIT with a good grasp of fully responsive principles and mobile-first concept, UX/UI design, accessibility, Search Engine Optimization, and implementing clear code with HTML5 /CSS3, JavaScript, ES6, React, jQuery, PHP, My SQL, WordPress, and database design. She has been working in different roles and participated in different projects. She understands the core concepts of application development and design and that contributes greatly to her abilities to design and implement projects efficiently and with higher performance. She is a passionate and inventive creator, always thinking in-out-and-around the box always in search of new professional challenges and learning experiences.