Daniela Dupinet Iniguez

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Daniela is 21 years old and from MĂ©xico. She has been creating content online for 4 years and studied Cinema-Communications at Dawson College in Montreal.

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Max Flores

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Max is a graphic artist with vast experience in all sorts of creative fields. From marketing and advertising to fine art and web development, among many other crafts. Max spent…

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Seymour Zeynalov

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Seymour Zeynalov is a second generation Azeri-Canadian who specializes in film editing. His first introduction to film was filming and editing various skits for high school drama and English literature…

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Eyma Garcon

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Eyma is originally from Haiti and now living in Canada. She is an aspiring filmmaker and will be embarking on her filmmaking journey when she starts Film School. Eyma loves…

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Xiao Chen

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Xiao is a recent graduate of the Interactive Media Design program at Algonquin College. She enjoys using her videos, photography and design to spread positive energy.

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Ezra King

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Ezra is a career-focused individual with a balance of strong communication & marketing skills, as well as proficient technical skills within the Adobe Suite. With years of international experience, Ezra…

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Favio Velarde

Favio is currently specializing in Digital Marketing after completing a BA in Music and Business. With a strong passion for film-making, he enjoys editing and making videos for social media…

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Mel Fresnel

Mel is an aspiring video editor who is always willing to take on a new challenge and expand his experiences. He enjoys making videos for BBK Network.

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Rome Yansen

Rome is a Graphic/Digital Designer from Queens, NY. He specializes in brand development, graphic illustrations, and apparel design. Preferably he enjoys creating new designs and conceptual vector art with Adobe…

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PoWei Lu

PoWei believes a good design is not only about the result. The process, references, and researches are all crucial to achieving the goals of great work. For him, exploring new…

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