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You can create a 1° shift in your community. Your donation can set children on a positive trajectory that will change the course of their lives, and the communities they reside in, forever. 

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For only a $2k donation, you can provide a local neighbourhood of up to 10 educators and up to 250 children with access to Future-Ready Education materials, experiences, and support for 1 year. 

Make it an annual contribution and watch each year as a new wave of students who think differently, feel differently, and take action differently, become local heroes, success stories, and overall, happy individuals leading fulfilling lives. 

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They say you are the quotient of the 5 people you surround yourself with. So imagine if the children in your community could grow up surrounded by others with positive mindsets and inner confidence in themselves?

Transform your community with a one time, or annual donation, of $10k and support 5-6 communities. Up to 1500 vulnerable youth and educators will gain access to critical future-ready physical and digital materials, resources and real world experiences that will change the trajectory of their lives forever. 

Leave Your Legacy. Change Peoples Lives and the Lives Of Those They Interact With. 

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When communities can work together, with similar goals, and equal resources, mountains will be moved for decades to come. 

Your $20k one time, or annual contribution, will support 12-14 local communities and provide up to 3500 vulnerable youth and educators with access to critical resources, materials and real world experiences that can revolutionize the world around them for the better. BizKids programs are designed to hit the very core of how we value ourselves as individuals, and when we no longer seek external validation, we see major reductions in:

  • Mental Health Disorders & Suicide
  • Gang Violence & Gang Recruitment
  • Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia
  • Drug Use and Overdose
Your Donation will truly revolutionize a region and positively change the lives of countless individuals for the rest of their lives. 

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Some of our donors understand that while a Charities mission is to directly positively impact as many children’s lives as they can, we still need help to keep our general operations running as well. 

If you would like to donate and have your contribution go towards helping our Charity thrive and grow for many years to come, your contribution will go towards:

  • Our Employees – Providing livable wages and a healthy work environment
  • Investing in software, tools and equipment – A sharp axe will cut down a tree 8x as fast as a dull one. The better our tools are, the more effectively we can provide support to our educators and children and grow into more communities. 
  • Marketing, Promotion and PR – The more communities, families and donors who know about the impact BizKids is having, the more communities we can support and donors we can attract. 
To learn more about the importance of supporting a charities overheads, we encourage you to Watch This TEDx Talk

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To Impact a Neighbourhood, Community or Region, fill out the form below and and we will help you make the most of your charitable donation, and provide you with a charitable tax receipt. 

You can also make an instant donation of your choosing BELOW by selecting the Purple “General Donation” Optiont. 

Or, Join Your Community & Together We Can Support More Children

Join your community and help us collectively support more communities across Canada and reach more kids! 

Below are communities who have requested support for their local youth. Can you help?

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For more information about BizKids Practical Education ASSN as a Charity (AKA Build a Biz Kids), or about donating, please email [email protected]