Summer Entrepreneurship Camps Ages 7-12 years

1 Week Full Day Summer Camps

Summer is a time for FUN! But why not have a bit of learning and experimenting for a good cause at the same time! 

This isn’t your typical Lemonade Stand. We take it on full force, just like a real business!

In our Lemonade Stand Summer Camp Challenge, camps are divided into two teams who take on one another to mix their own recipes, conduct their own test marketing, design their own branding, and offer customer service above and beyond anything you have ever experienced!

But in this challenge, every team is a winner! We learn and reflect on each teams wins and losses, what worked and what received a lower response plus how we can improve it for the future. All proceeds earned in their challenge are donated to local charities to really show kids how a bit of learning, a lot of fun and a ton of teamwork can really do great things for the community! 

Soft skills are also big takeaways! Customer service & body language, leadership and teamwork roles, assertiveness and communication are all worked on together in an inclusive & encouraging environment.

Each camp is 1 week long, M-F from 9am-3pm, unless otherwise noted due to facility availability. 

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Summer Camps are offered during assorted weeks of summer break.

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