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Speaker Series

Imagine if your child could speak on a HUGE stage to millions of people and share important ideas, concepts and solutions! This 1 week, full time course is a great first step to doing just that! Each class, students will learn a new component to delivering great ideas, pitches, and speeches verbally. From learning compelling speech structure, verbal tone, emotion and body language, to  building confidence and excitement around speaking publicly. Through LOT’S of games and practice, students will gain the confidence and ability to become great communicators, both on and off stage. Activities are shared between lessons in the Learning Lab & fun in the sun!
Facilitator to Student Ratio 1:6

*** 5 Full Day Sessions, 6 hour days
*** Designed for students ages 9 – 13 years
*** A 15min Drop off Window Before and After Class is provided

Program Includes:

✓ Build a Biz Kids T-Shirt – Must be worn each day of camp for safety
✓ All handouts, workbooks and writing materials are provided during the camp
✓ SWAG, Graduation Certificate, Parent Photos
✓ Note: This is a Tech Free Camp – No Phones or Tablets are permitted

Program Learning Modules

  •  Speech Structure
  • Projection, Tone and Emotional Verbal Communication
  • Body Language and Physical Communication
  • Audience Awareness
  • Filler Words and Enunciation 
  • Advocacy 
  • And Lots of FUN in the Sun! (weather & air quality permitting)

Student Development & Outcomes

  • Leadership
  • Written Communication
  • Verbal Communication
  • Empathy
  • Self Awareness
  • Decision Making
  • Creativity
  • Confidence


Owen is preparing for everything

"People are just going to walk by you, ignore you, say "i'll come back later" and then just run. But that 's real life."

Owen will take you through one of the most candid and REAL lessons in resiliency while in the Build a Biz Kids Program. Take a look... and take some notes! He's incredible!
Watch Owen's Masterclass


Brynne Knows It's All Worth It

Meet Brynne! She had a tough time in her Kid Entrepreneur Program and has to make some tough last minute decisions on her business. But her resiliency muscle was flexed and the payoff was HUGE for her. "My favourite part was the BEST feeling when you overcome that and a customer comes up, and all that you've been through is just for this one moment when you're selling. It's amazing!"
Watch Owen's Masterclass


Benjamin On Always Adapting

"People are just going to walk by you, ignore you, say "i'll come back later" and then just run. But that 's real life."

What if your business doesn't go as planned? What if your products keep falling a part when you try to make them and on the day of your BIG business launch, you don't' get a lot of customers.  What could you do? Checkout our BBK Ambassador & KidPreneur, Benjamin to hear about his story of tenacity, trial and error and eventual success!!  “There's a lot of things here that you don't learn at school and I had no idea they even existed.”
Watch Owen's Masterclass


Our Kids Market Day!

Welcome to Build a Biz Kids! Meet some of our KidPreneur graduates and hear more about what it was like launching their businesses for the first time! Hear from parents and students and watch as kids take on real world, hands-on experience in this 10 week, KidPreneur experience.
Watch Owen's Masterclass
I Absolutely Recommended This Program
I Absolutely Recommended This Program
Jake's Dad
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"He has an absolute interest in selling stuffer's always looking to do things like lemonade stands and create new ideas to make some money. Designing and going through the prototypes and trying to make it the best it can be was the most exciting part of the program.."
This experience has been really cool
This experience has been really cool
Nicola's Mom
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"It is been really cool watching [Nicola] take a small concept and grow it into something that 's her own. This is a super opportunity for kids of any age."
This is a Great Learning  experience for kids!
This is a Great Learning experience for kids!
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"I wanted him to gain experience in doing businesses and selling products. His excitement about creating his own product has been exciting.!"
He Said It Was The Best Camp This Summer
He Said It Was The Best Camp This Summer
Dillion's Mom
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"Dillion' really enjoyed the camp and learnt a lot. He said it was the best camp this summer! This was definitely worth the drive. Farah and Sophie did a great job. We will look out for future camps for sure!."

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