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Powerful Kids – Public Speaking

Who is your favourite actor, musician, or someone else who inspires you? Do you want to be like them? It all starts with being able to effectively public speak. In this course you will play games, do fun activities, watch cool videos, and of course, practice your public speaking skills in a welcoming environment. On the last day, you will have the confidence to deliver your awesome speech over Zoom to an audience of family and friends.

*** 20 sessions, 75min sessions.
*** Designed for students ages 10-13 years

Materials for this Course

✓ No specific materials required for this program but it can be easier to participate with a computer that has a keyboard and mouse for completing worksheets online. Alternatively you can print them out 

Details for Powerful Kids – Public Speaking:

Course Outcomes

      • Effective Speech Writing 
      • Giving and receiving feedback 
      • Effective communication delivery 
        • Volume control
        • Tone and emotion
        • Body Language
        • Proper pacing

Essential Skill Development

      • Confidence
      • Self-awareness
      • Communication (written and verbal)
      • Decision-Making
      • Resiliency
      • Critical Thinking
      • Leadership
      • Listening 
      • Empathy