Help Inspire & Educate Kids to Become the Most Problem Solving, Action Oriented Generation Yet!

Whether it is TIME, MONEY or EXPERTISE that you can provide, we would love your help in moving our growing vision forward. Below are 4 possible ways to contribute to Youth Education & Build a Biz Kids, Registered Charity. Without your help, and the support of the communities we are in, we could never do what we do for so many kids everywhere!


Close Digital Divide

Can you imagine a day without internet while trying to work, building your business, connect with your friends family, or even to just look up information? Or what if one day you had no phone, laptop or device? 

For many families, this is their reality. Without household internet access or a device, it is a near impossibility for any child or adult to be able to compete for a good education or career. 

If you believe that Internet Access is no longer a luxury, but should be the right of every individual and child within your city, we would love your support, referral or help to push this initiative forward. 


Technology & Tuition

Every child should have the opportunity to have an exceptional education. Access to technology & essential skill development, can elevate students to new heights they never dreamed of!

We offer support to Vulnerable, Indigenous, & Refugee youth through subsidizing tuition & donating laptops & devices.

We are seeking individuals and businesses who are able to donate to a child’s education, or the technology they desperately need to keep up in their studies. 

If you would like to support a child in their education or acquiring a device for online learning, please click on the link below.


Elevate Our Message

Do you have a special skill, passion or ability that could help us do more for the communities we serve? We are built on the passion and expertise of our volunteers and have connected community that you could be a great fit for.

From website design, new innovations like VR education modules & online game development, social media, PR and communications, curriculum development, events, advocacy, animation, video production and so much more! 

We would love to hear more about your passions and special skills to see if it could be an invaluable resource to our organization and mission. Reach out and tell us more about yourself. 

Reach Out & Let's Make a Difference!

Have an idea that we could partner on? Do you want to support youth and donate funds or computers? Have another awesome idea? Let us know in the form below!


A BIG Thank You to Our Incredible Donors & Partners!

You have helped, inspired and educated kids to become the most problem solving, action oriented generation yet. Thanks to your sponsorships, donations and volunteering, we have been able to provide education and technology to so many deserving kids. And this is just the beginning.

Would you like to help give technology or education to a child? Click below

Extend Our Reach

We believe that every community deserve the opportunity to expose their chalder these Essential & Practical Skills Sets. Your contribution of Time or Money has helped us do just that by allowing us to grow into new markets across North America

Develop New Programming

We are only just barely covering the basics of what incredible skills we can expose these students to! Diving deeper into current concepts and introducing new ones is critical to supporting our students in each endeavor they dream to take on.

Ispire and Educate Children

Every graduating class has seen growth & excitement within themselves, but the bit of magic that sometimes goes unnoticed is how these students inspired other children who came to see them at Market Day. Kids inspiring kids; what could be better?!