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Make a Slime Start-Up Biz

Do you love playing with slime? Have you always wanted to start your own business? Then this is the course for you! In this 6-session program you’ll get to create your own unique Slime brand, with packaging, logos, pricing, business plan and more! At the end of the course, you’ll be ready to launch your unique business at school, kids’ markets, online, or perhaps “Lemonade Stand” style in front of your home – wherever you choose!

*** 6 sessions, 75min sessions.
*** Designed for students ages 8 – 11 years

Materials for this Course

✓ White Glue: Canadian Amazon  USA Amazon
✓ Borax: Canadian Amazon  USA Amazon   OR
—> Liquid Starch (Borax Alternative):
Canadian Amazon  USA Amazon
✓ Extras (optional): Food Coloring Canadian Amazon  USA Amazon
 —> Shaving Foam: Canadian Amazon  USA Amazon
—> Glitter, foam balls, plastic toys, beads, etc 
✓ Note: During the course students will require hand crafted or purchased packaging for their product.

Details for Make a Slime Start-Up Biz:

Course Outcomes

      • Choosing a Target Market
      • Creating a Unique Selling Point 
      • Creating a Brand Identity 
      • Logo Creation 
      • Product development
      • Quality control 
      • Pricing (costs, revenue, and profit) 
      • Developing a Business Plan

Essential Skill Development

      • Decision-making
      • Consumer Empathy 
      • Design theory
      • Financial literacy 
      • Leadership 
      • Critical thinking 
      • Problem-solving 
      • Communication (verbal and written) 
      • Resiliency 
      • Creativity
      • Patience