10-12 years - 10 Week After School Programs

KidPreneurs get to take on the fundamental lessons of being an entrepreneur. What makes a good company? What do customers want? What problems can you solve in the world that you can offer? 

Step by step, problems found become opportunities which turn into a product or service. Prototypes are made, marketing is designed, market testing is conducted & goals are set. But what about those subtle areas that can make all the difference? Customer service, body language, and the art of communication to your customers are discussed and learning from “mistakes” and perseverance are encouraged and developed.  

By taking action and increasing their perspective on the world around them, they gain greater confidence, increased self esteem, and a feeling of empowerment that they can make a difference in their communities and the world. 

Our After School programs are 1 hour a week for 10 weeks that all lead up to the final day, MARKET DAY! Where they each take all that they have learned and present their business and wares to the community for sale. 

In developing their leadership and encouraging action, these KidPreneurs will become strong, contributing members of their communities with a world of opportunity ahead of them!

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After-School 10 week programs are offered 3 times a year; Jan, April and Sept. 


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