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Graphic Design 101

Do you have a favourite brand? Would you love to design their next marketing campaign? In this course you will flex your creativity and eye for design, using real design software. You will get to create your own branding and develop your own marketing campaigns for the brands you love, as well as ones that you’ll create yourself!

*** 5 sessions, 75min sessions.
*** Designed for students ages 9 – 13 years

Materials for this Course

✓ A computer with a keyboard and mouse to design on (tablets and phones can still be used to log into their classes with)
✓ A FREE account on
Note: Students do not require previous business or graphic design experience, nor do they require a current business. 

Details for Graphic Design 101:

Course Outcomes

      • Logo design
      • Advertising 
      • Packaging design 
      • Font and Colour analysis 
      • Target Marketing 
      • Creating a brand identity 
      • Conducting Market Research 
      • Technical design skills (using

Essential Skill Development

      • Design Theory 
      • Empathy 
      • Creativity 
      • Communication (written and artistic)
      • Decision-Making
      • Resiliency
      • Critical Thinking
      • Attention to Detail