Parent Guide

Some Quick Tips & FAQ’s for Parents

Is My Child Really Building a Business?

If a real business is producing a product that a stranger pays you for with real money, then yes! Every Entrepreneur Program ends with a Kids Market Day where students take everything they have learned over the previous 10 weeks and put it to the test! Market day is open to the general public and a great community event! Students will set up their shops, display their wares, and give incredible customer service & elevator pitches to sell their items. Your child will walk away with real money earned from this experience.

Does My Child Need a Business Idea Before Attending a Program?

Students do not need to have an idea for a product before starting their program. We offer many ideas that students can gain inspiration from and place their own creative twist on for any who are stumped. The value in their learning is found in the process of building their business, and less so in conceiving their product idea. 

How Much Should I Help Them With Their Business?

So much of their journey is learning to take full ownership of their business and the decisions that come with it. Yes, there will be times where your assistance will be a great resource to the development of their business, such as pouring the hot soap mixtures into their molds or how to spell the words on their signage. It’s hard, but we encourage parents to allow their children to experience the excitement and feeling of accomplishment as they, step by step, work to build & launch their 1st business with the help and support of their family, instructors and fellow students.

Parents are not permitted to participate during classes but may wait outside of the learning lab during classtime. Parents are also advised not to stay by their childs table during Market Day but to wander around and enjoy the event while they watch their child grow in leaps and bounds!

From one parent, “I like how you kept reminding us to let the kids take charge and go with their ideas.  It’s honestly not easy to let go (because he’s only 7), but I’m so amazed at the display of their true potential in the kids when we let them fly with their ideas! So thank YOU and good job to all of you in your team!”

How Do I Know What My Child is Learning?

During our after school programs, each child will have fun actions they can embark upon. This can range from simple brainstorming & observation of the world around them to creating their physical products that they will offer on Market Day. Whatever their assignments are, we want you to know what they are up to and how you can help!

Each day of their program, you will receive an email updating you on the days topic and class events. Feel welcome to reply to these emails with any questions you may have.

Will My Child Earn REAL Money?

Yes! In our 10 week Entrepreneur Action Programs, students build a business that concludes with a public Kids Market Day! This is an opportunity for our students to have real interactions with real customers exchanging real money. That said, like any business, their success will depend on their product demand, pricing strategy, inventory, costs and customer service. Every child ends up selling product to the general public and some do incredibly well! On average they are walking away with $30-$100, even $200 in revenue for some students with extra hustle! 

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

We look forward to meeting your KidPreneur in one of our next programs but we understand that sometimes scheduling conflicts can come up. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • If Cancelled a 2 full weeks or more before their program begins, a 50% refund will be given, or you may transfer their tuition to a different program
  • If Cancelled with less than 2 weeks before their program begins, only a transfer to another child or to another program will be given as materials will have already been ordered on their behalf
What If a Class Does Not Meet Minimum Registration?

If a class does not hit the minimum registration number to run, we may need to cancel the class. That said, we want to do everything that we can to find a solution so your KidPreneur doesn’t miss out on an awesome experience.

If we need to cancel the class, we would love to help you find the best solution from teh options below:

  • If another location where the same program is being offered works for you, we can transfer your KidPreneur to that class
  • We may merge your childs age group together with a different group. This means your class will be on the same day & at the same location but the start time will be 1 hour different. 
  • We can transfer your tuition fee to the following semester
  • If we need to cancel your class, you can choose to recieve a full refund

If a class is going to be cancelled, we will give you as much notice as possible and help you to choose from one of the above options. Thank you for your understanding

Please Read Our Non Discrimination Policy

Build a Biz Kids promotes equity & inclusion in our programming. All races, religions, gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome. We believe that all children & people have it within them to make a positive impact on the world around them and that everyone should have the opportunity to learn the skills required to do so.

All parents & students are also required to behave in a supportive, accepting & welcoming manor while in our programming. Any person who’s behaviour is demonstrating hate, bullying or violence, to any person for any reason, will be asked to step back from our programming for discussion until a resolution can be reached.

How Can I Support Build a Biz Kids & This Awesome Mission?

We Love Parent Participation & Community Support! 

Build a Biz Kids works to help each community we are in by volunteering at assorted community events and hosting our own, such as our Kids Market Day Expos & Fundraisers.  We would love the extra hands and voices to advocate for our mission and to help with the incredible community non profits we support. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter to hear of the next event near you!

We are also always appreciative of any shout outs you can give on social media, 5 star ratings and testimonials that we can use on our website about the positive experiences and changes you have seen in your child. Our handles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all @BuildaBizKids

And of course, please tell your friends! So many of our students are the friends of previous students and we are so honoured for the support from parents in this way. 

To see more ways you can participate in our community or support our mission, visit our “Join BBK Mission” page


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