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Build an Online Business

Do you love online shopping and buying things on Amazon? Do you think it would be cool to have your own online store, but don’t know how to make it? This is the perfect course for you! In this 10-session program, you will get to create a “Ready to Launch” online store using your own products or “placeholder” products*. You will get to choose your business, identify your customers, create a concise brand image, design a website, learn all about cost and shipping logistics, and more! This course is focused on the technical skills needed to create an online store, so that you walk away with the knowledge and skills to repeat the process for when you have a genius business idea and are ready to launch it.

*** 10 sessions, 75min sessions.
*** Designed for students ages 10-13 years

Materials for this Course

✓ A computer with a keyboard and mouse to build their website (Tablets & Phones can still be used to connect to the class)
✓ A FREE Account on
Note: Students may use their own products and logos, or use one of our “Mock” Businesses that already have pictures. If using your own products, please ensure you have ample pictures from multiple angles of your products ready for class

Details for Build an Online Business:

Course Outcomes

      • Target Marketing
      • Conducting Market research 
      • Creating a Brand Image
      • User Experience Analysis 
      • No-Code Website Development (using 
      • Consumer and Product Copy 
      • Shipping and Logistics Considerations

Essential Skill Development

      • Decision making
      • Consumer Empathy 
      • Design theory
      • Leadership 
      • Critical thinking 
      • Problem-solving 
      • Written Communication 
      • Resiliency 
      • Patience 
      • Adaptability 
      • Creativity