13-15 years - Biz Kids 10 Week After School Programs

Biz Kids get to really dive into the world of being an Entrepreneur! What is value vs cost? What is supply vs demand? How does pricing, cost of goods and profit margins all relate to one another? Is it the product, price or customer service that is making my business a success or a bit of a struggle? 

Through reflecting on these questions, they create their own business concepts and get to enact the implementation of launching it. Mistakes are encouraged and rejoiced when paired with tenacity and learning. A greater knowledge on product innovation, branding, customer service, marketing, budgeting and more is taken on. Action is encouraged so as to increase their experience & perspective on the world around them.

Soft skills focus on leadership, communication, perseverance and time management. While introducing these kids to the world of entrepreneurship, it is also enhancing their workplace readiness, regardless of future career choices. Confidence, leadership, teamwork and the ability to ask insightful questions will fuel these Biz Kids for a bright future!

Our After School programs are 1 hour a week for 10 weeks that all lead up to the final day, MARKET DAY! Where they each take all that they have learned and present their business and wares to the community for sale. 

Regardless of whether these BizKids become entrepreneurs into adulthood, the skills learned will teach them to take action, solve problems and feel empowered to take on the life they want to have. 

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After-School 10 week programs are offered 3 times a year; Jan, April and Sept. 


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