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At-Home Maker’s Lab

Do you want to be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk? This course is for you! Flex your creativity and problem-solving skills by inventing new products and creating real prototypes. Make use of all that junk you have lying in your house – like cardboard boxes, duct tape, yarn, and toilet paper rolls and turn it into real, working innovations that could change the world. By the end of the 5-session program, kids will have made several prototypes, one being their very own arcade game!

*** 5 sessions, 75min sessions
*** Designed for students ages 9 – 13 years

Materials for this Course

Cardboard boxes and scraps, toilet paper roll(s), duct tape, string, scissors, and paper clips.
✓ Note: We recommend supplying your child with all kinds of materials found around your home, such as tissue boxes, empty paper towel rolls, tooth pics or skewers, Play Doh,  styrofoam, and empty plastic water bottles.

Details for At-Home Maker’s Lab:

Course Outcomes

      • Construction & Prototyping
      • Conducting Market Research 
      • Product Innovation 
      • User Experience Analysis
      • Giving and receiving feedback

Essential Skill Development

      • Decision making
      • Consumer Empathy 
      • Design theory
      • Leadership 
      • Critical thinking 
      • Problem-solving 
      • Resiliency 
      • Patience
      • Adaptability 
      • Creativity