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Real Kids, Real Money, Real Life Experience

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10 Week Programs, Plus Their Business Launch at Market Day!
Fall Semester Weekday Programs Available for Ages 7-9 & 10-12
Kid EntrepREneur Programs Start Soon!

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 Yes! Your child can launch their own business with real products, real money and real people shopping and buying in a safe, supportive and incredible learning environment.
Programming is designed to teach Practical & Essential skills to students through the medium of entrepreneurship for ages 7-12 years.  

Our 10 Week KidPreneur Programs (ages 7-12 years) are $225 and include:

  • 10 week program, 1 hour a week
  • 4 hour Market Day for Business Launch
  • Table Rental & optional table cloth
  • Program T-Shirt (to be worn each class)
  • Program Lab Book
  • BBK Student Swag 
  • Photos Child Participation for Parents
  • Exclusive access to Parent KidPreneur Community Group
  • Exclusive access to additional development opportunities for BBK Alumni
  • Graduation Certificate
  • This is a Tech Free Camp. No iPads or iPhones are permitted to be used during class
  • 15min window before and after program for drop off & pick up

Students returning for a 2nd or 3rd semester are given the opportunity to take on a leadership role in class through teaching modules in the program

I’m Amazed At The Display Of Their True Potential

“I like how you kept reminding us to let the kids take charge & go with their ideas. It’s honestly not easy to let go (he’s only 7), but I’m so amazed at the display of their true potential when we let them fly with their ideas. So thank YOU and good Job to all of you in your team!”

The Skills Learned Go Beyond Selling a Product

“A highly recommended program! The skills learned go beyond selling a product – they apply for life”

He Came Back for Another Program!

“My child loved the program! It was fabulous to see his self confidence flourish. Thank you!”

We Will Be Recommending This to Everybody With Kids!

“The Kids were given the freedom to figure things out on their own with the support to make their products a success! We will be recommending this program to everybody with kids!! Thank You!”

Brings a Tear To The Eye

“I asked him if he was hungry after the market day and wanted Freshii…he said no, he doesn’t want to spend his “hard earned money”, and I shouldn’t spend mine either…he would find food at home. Brings a tear to the eye, lol”

This Program is Exactly What Kids Need

“Get them off the electronics and get them ready for the “real world”. It allows them to be creative and gain confidence. Amazing program with amazing people!”

He Said It Was The Best Camp This Summer!

“Dillon really enjoyed the camp and learnt a lot. He said it was the best camp this summer! This was definitely worth the drive. Farah and Sophie did a great job. We will look out for future camps for sure!”

I Absolutely Recommend This Program!

“He has an absolute interest in selling stuff. He’s always looking to do things like lemonade stands and create new ideas to make some money. Designing and going through the prototypes and trying to make it the best it can be was the most exciting part of the program.”

This is a Great Learning Experience for Kids!

“I wanted him to gain experience in doing business and selling products. His excitement about creating his own product has been exciting!”

This Experience Has Been Really Cool!

“It’s been really cool watching [Nicola] take a small concept and grow it into something that’s her own. This is a super opportunity for kids of any age.”

He’s Excited About His Business!

“Thank you so much for running the kidpreneur program & organizing this amazing market event! This was invaluable experience for him & I believe it’ll help him in his future & will have only positive impact on him. “

He Won’t Miss a Class!

“It’s the one activity out of all of his activities he wouldn’t miss for the world. He’d be sick as a dog and say, ‘no, I have to go to [Build a] Biz Kids’. I absolutely recommend this to any parent.”

She has a Million Ideas!

“She begged me and begged me and begged me to put her in the program. She needs my help, she knows she needs my help but she also wants it to be her creation and her business.”

He’s Still Building His Business!

“Everyday he would come home from class excited to share what he learned. This is sort of a life skill thing that you don’t learn in school and it’s good to learn at a young age.”

100% Recommend This Program!

“As the [Market] Day comes closer, I tell you, we were bouncing off the walls because of the excitement to just come and talk to people in person and make some money.”

Program Learning Modules

* Problem Solving
* Prototyping
* Market Research
* Branding
* Marketing, Target Markets
* Customer Service
* Pricing & Promotion
* Basic Finance, Profit, Cost
* Basic Financial Literacy – What You Can Do With Money Earned
* Social Contribution & Giving Back

Student Development & Outcomes

* Leadership & Teamwork
* Confidence Building
* Decision Making
* Ownership
* Creativity
* Focus
* Critical Thinking
* Resiliency (Hearing “No”)
* Verbal Communication (Public Speaking)
* Expanding Their Vocabulary
* Financial Literacy

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