About Our After School & Summer Camp Programs


Because Kids are Just One Encouragement Away From Changing the World

BizKids Practical Education ASSN is a non profit society who looks to bring new and practical concepts to children that will help to open an endless number of opportunities and ability for bringing their imagination into action! 


Our Summer and After School Programs revolve around entrepreneurship and the skills and confidence that can come from starting your own micro business. 

Each program offers specific training through fun activities & games, short videos and workbooks that teaches children about problem solving & product innovation, branding & marketing, customer service and speaking with confidence, budgeting and much more! These skills empower kids to take their creativity and direct it into a lifetime of action that can improve their communities, lives and, in some cases, the world.   

We believe children learn best when a hands-on approach is utilized in the learning process. Kids work in small groups and actively participate in each class, while learning life and workplace readiness skills in a fun environment.

Our Mission is Harnessing Creativity & Enthusiasm

Kids are filled with uninhibited excitement and passion for everything around them. Entrepreneurship skills allow them a way to channel that energy and help them to understand the tools for turning passion into action. 

Entrepreneurship can help children of all ages to develop leadership skills, confidence, self esteem and to explore their creativity. Entrepreneurship allows them to see a world of opportunities  and a way to excel in their future. 

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