Meet Our Squad

Build a Biz Kids is 100% a passion project for it’s founders & operators. We are a squad of people who work together towards the same goals. We all make it happen!

Board of Directors

Leah Coss has owned numerous businesses in manufacturing & finance as well as been a Franchise Development Consultant for over 9 years .

Leah Coss President

Braden comes to us from working as a Program Director & Project Manager for over 10 years at the YWCA, a large non profit association

Braden Ricketts Vice President

Victoria Petriw Board of Director

Operations & Strategy

Khush is an aspiring digital strategist with over 2 years of SEO experience and an unparalleled interest in technical SEO. A BCIT graduate w

Khush Dodani SEO Strategist

Amber is a Software Developer, currently living in Calgary, Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of Albert

Amber Huang Software Developer

Marketing & Communications

Greg completed his Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations at UBC, where he found a passion for communicating big ideas in a way that’s

    Greg Park Digital Copywriter

    Maria is a multitasking and talented Senior Graphic Designer, Brand Therapist and WOW Factor Creator who loves planning and executing astoni

    Maria Patino Senior Graphic Designer / UI-UX Designer